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Date: Tuesday, March 02, 2010
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Powell says 'Goon' feature in "Good Shape." Plus: Wright talks 'Scott Pilgrim'. Dennings talks 'Thor' (a bit). Favreau talks 'Iron Man 2' and more! Workin' the straw 'til the sweat drip out of every pore, it's your Comics2Film 10.3.2!



Producer Drops BATTLE ANGEL Details

Producer Jon Landau gave MTV Splash Page the scoop on the long-gestating film version of 'Battle Angel: Alita', that James Cameron is developing with screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis.

The biggest decision about the movie is what part of the numerous manga volumes will be adapted for the big screen. Landau cautions that the story of the amnesiac cyborg with a mysterious, otherworldly past is too expansive to fit into one movie, so the current task is to choose what to focus on.

"I think we’ll tend to err on the earlier side [of the story], because it is the more fascinating side where Alita’s lost her memory and she doesn’t know where she comes from," Landau said. "And it’s when she discovers where she comes from, she’s terrified of it and doesn’t believe that that’s who she really is."

For Landau, there's an added appeal to that tract of the story.

"If people are familiar with the series at all, there’s something they call Motorball," Landau said, adding that he and Cameron are excited about the prospect of bringing that sport to life. "It’s almost like a gladiator match meets an Indy 500 race."

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Kat Dennings Talks about THOR Role (a bit) recently conducted an interview with actress Kat Dennings who apparently charmed the pants off of them. She's making the rounds to discuss the Woody Harrelson mental hero pic 'Defendor', but she also chatted about Marvel's 'Thor' movie, in which she's slated to play "Darcy", an acquaintance of Natalie Portman's Jane Foster.

Dennings told Collider she's a comic book geek but admitted she never expected to be cast in a Marvel movie.

"...I had hoped. I mean it’s the kind of thing as a little kid that you want to do. My brother had all those comic books and he had action figures and I grew up with that stuff," the actress said. "So yeah, it’s almost like wanting to be a Princess. It’s like you want to be a superhero, too. It’s incredible. It’s such a dream. I really can’t believe I’m in this movie.  I’m so excited. I’ve been thinking about it. It’s almost like when little kids know they’re going to Disneyland and they get really excited and start counting the days. That’s how I am."

Although principal photography started earlier in the year, Dennings has yet to film her scenes, which are slated for the end of the shoot. Comic book fantasies aside, there are other reasons she's excited for the role.

"It’s Kenneth Brannagh, man. I mean he is one of the greats. One of the legends," she said.

However, fans scouring their back issues of 'Thor' to learn more about Darcy can stop looking. Dennings says her character is not in the comics, but was invented for the film.

Finally, the actress said she's prepared to journey into Comic-Con this summer, or wherever else Marvel demands. "Believe me I will do anything. I will follow Thor anywhere."

'Thor' arrives in theaters next year.

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Wright Talks About the Process of Adapting SCOTT PILGRIM

Director Edgar Wright may be sitting on the year's surprise hit comics adaptation in 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'. But as with and adaptation, there are points where the film will veer from the source material. Wright chatted with MTV Splash Page about how the movie differs from Bryan Lee O'Malley's six volume graphic novel series and how O'Malley was involved in that process.

"I think Bryan O’Malley is a very smart guy, and he can understand what an adaptation is," Wright told MTV. "He read every draft of [the script]. With the last draft, me and Michael Bacall sent him every 20 pages ... and so he pretty much understood that doing a straight adaptation of the books was kind of impossible."

With the comics, the story is laid out in six long episodes, which is a completely different story structure than a two-hour movie would have. While some moments from the book had to be left out, Wright says he managed to capture all the key ones.

"It stays pretty true to volumes one and two. And three," he said. "After three volumes, it starts to take its own path, but very much within the spirit of the book — and approved by Bryan as well. ... There are some things that are in the film that are actually from Bryan’s original ideas before he wrote the books. [So] there are some things in there that refer to older ideas which he didn’t end up doing."

So when fans see scenes in the movie that aren't in the book, Wright points out that those moments actually came from O'Malley's early notes on the project.

C2F is eagerly awaiting the August 13 release of 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'.

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Powell Says GOON Feature in "Good Shape"

MTV Splash Page checked in with comics creator Eric Powell about the animated film adaptation of his awesome comic book 'The Goon'.

Powell, who is developing the movie with filmmaker David Fincher and Blur Studios, says the project is in good shape. He's currently at work on a second draft of the script and expects to see things moving more rapidly after Fincher wraps up his current film 'The Social Network'.

"I fell into a perfect situation with guys who really get the comic," Powell said. "You have to change things to make it fit in a format like this — especially with 'The Goon,' because the comics were such self-contained stories and so episodic."

However, with Powell writing the script himself, fans can rest assured that any adaptations will suit the character they know and love.

"The Goon doesn’t fall from the sky in a meteor or have superpowers or anything like that," he laughed. "It is The Goon and it has the feel of the The Goon. The story had to change a little to get it to work in a film format, but the characters, the world, and the interaction between the characters are all the same."

Powell also teased that he's seen a lot more animated footage from Blur, but everything is being kept under wraps until the project gets studio backing. He also said that Fincher is very hands-on with the movie, and not simply a producer in name only.

"Directing an animated film is a little different form directing a live-action film, but they’re still making those decisions," Powell said. "Fincher is heavily involved and he’s going to have final say over everything, so we will get his input — he won’t just be a figurehead."

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We interrupt the broadcast for a brief segment of...

Jon Favreau Tweets about IRON MAN 2

The production of 'Iron Man 2' is in the home stretch, according to a late-hour tweet from director Jon Favreau last night.

He told his followers, "'Iron Man 2' is coming down to mixing sound and getting in all the visual effects."

This follows some blips from a week ago in which the director talked about working with Industrial Light & Magic on the F/X shots.

"Working all weekend. I'm going to try to get up to ILM next week to see how the troops are holding up. It's crunch time for the artists," he posted, and followed a few days later with, "Reviewed lots of very cool visual effects shots today. It's all starting to come together."

As if to prove he was on the ILM campus, Favreau also posted a photo of himself grabbing a cup o' mud at "Java the Hutt", which is the in-house coffee bar at the special effects show.

'Iron Man 2' blasts off on May 7th.

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