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By:Rob M .Worley
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2010
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Krasinski in or out? 'Captain America' casting update. Plus: Nolan confirms 'Superman' involvement. 'Solomon Kane' gets an award. 'Conan' casting confirmed and more! Gettin' this party started, it's your Comics2Film 10.3.10!



Nolan Confirms SUPERMAN Involvement

The news broke last month that Christopher Nolan had been tapped to help shepherd 'Superman' back to the big screen, acting as a "Godfather" style producer on the film. This was followed by denials from Warner Bros that such talk was just rumor.

Now Nolan himself confirms the story for the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog.

"It’s very exciting, we have a fantastic story," Christopher Nolan said. "And we feel we can do it right. We know the milieu, if you will, we know the genre and how to get it done right."

Nolan confirms his Batman collaborator David Goyer's involvement with writing the script for the film but is mum on the talk of director (recently rumored to be his brother Jonathan Nolan) or story details (rumored to involved Lex Luthor and Brainiac). He did talk about his plans in more general terms.

"A lot of people have approached Superman in a lot of different ways. I only know the way that has worked for us that’s what I know how to do," Nolan said, referring to his efforts to make the Batman series stand alone in its own universe, unlike the recent Marvel movies which are crossing over as in the comics. "Each serves to the internal logic of the story. They have nothing to do with each other."

Click through for more of Nolan's comments. An expanded version of the story is set to run in the L.A. Times this week. 



Lang confirms CONAN Role

'Avatar' actor Stephen Lang was tipped last week as the heavy in the new 'Conan' movie. During the Oscar red carpets this Sunday he confirmed the rumors for MTV Splash Page.

"I've accepted the role of Khalar Singh," Lang told MTV News when asked about the rumor. "I have no idea how I'm going to do it. First I'm going to find out how I'm going to sound. I'm going to get back on a Mongolian pony and ride like the wind. I'm going to flash my scimitar. I'm going to cut the nuts off Conan and his father."

Yikes! 'Conan' begins filming soon in Bulgaria. The movie is slated to pillage theaters next year.




Warner Bros has unveiled a website promoting the next DCU Animated feature 'Batman: Under the Red Hood'. The new site touts a July 27th release date on DVD, Blu-Ray and On Demand.

Synopsis: Batman faces his ultimate challenge as the mysterious Red Hood takes Gotham City by firestorm. One part vigilante, one part criminal kingpin, Red Hood begins cleaning up Gotham with the efficiency of Batman, but without following the same ethical code. Killing is an option. And when the Joker falls in the balance between the two, hard truths are revealed and old wounds are reopened.

In related news,  World’s Finest online has confirmed that composer Christopher Drake will be providing the score to the film.

Thanks to CaptainSigma for the submission.



Schrieber Wants WOLVERINE 2

Now that 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2' has some momentum on it the movie websites are out asking new questions about it., sitting in at the press junket for 'Repo Men', checked with actor Liev Schreiber, who played Sabretooth in the previous outing. While the actor had been in contact with Jackman that same week and talked about the script for the film, he said he's still unsure if his character is in the sequel.

"Do I miss my claws? I miss my claws deeply. In the Japan storyline as I remember it from the Wolverine comics, Victor wasn’t there. So I don’t know," the actor admitted. "Of course I’ve got my fingers crossed because I love the character so much, to have the chance to do it again would be a lot of fun, but I’m not sure."



SOLOMON KANE Wins Audience Award at Fantasporto

From a press release...

As Portugal’s leading Film Festival drew to a close last week the Michael J. Bassett directed 'Solomon Kane' was the recipient of the coveted Audience Award. The prize came on the back the film’s triumphant opening of Portugal’s premier Festival Fantasporto on February 22nd.

During Fantasporto the film’s producer Samuel Hadida received the Career Award for his contribution to cinema. This award was Hadida’s second of the last six months after he was the recipient of the Maria Honorifica Honourary Award at the Sitges International Film Festival, October, 2009.

SOLOMON KANE (James Purefoy) is a brutally efficient 16th Century killing machine. Armed with his signature pistols, cutlass and rapier, he and his men unleash their bloodlust as they fight for England in war after war on all continents.

As the story opens, Kane and his band of pillagers are carving a bloody path through hordes of defenders in an exotic city in northern Africa. But when Kane decides to attack a mysterious nearby castle to plunder its rumored riches, his mission takes a fateful turn.

One by one, Kane’s men are picked off by demonic creatures until he alone is left to face the Devil’s own Reaper -- dispatched from the depths of Hell to lay claim to his hopelessly corrupt soul. Though Kane at last manages to escape, he knows that he now must redeem himself by renouncing violence and devoting himself wholly to a life of peace and purity.

His newfound spirituality, however, is quickly put to the ultimate test when he begins his journeys across an England ravaged by diabolical human Raiders controlled by a terrifying, masked Overlord. After Kane fails to thwart the brutal slaughter of the Crowthorns, a Puritan family that has befriended him, he vows to find and free their enslaved daughter Meredith -- even if it means jeopardizing his own soul by re-embracing his murderous talents for a higher cause. His determined search eventually brings him face to face with his family’s own deadly secrets as he attempts to save Meredith and all of England from the forces of evil.



KICK-ASS Billboard Spotted

Bleeding Cool posts a photo of a new billboard promoting 'Kick-Ass', presumably hovering over Austin for the SXSW film festival. The ad is largely just a white canvas with the film's title spray painted on it. Images of Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl are positioned on the sign so as to look like vandals in the process of tagging it. Click through for a look.




Anticipation around the casting of the lead in Marvel's 'First Avenger: Captain America' continues to heat up with multiple stories erupting on the web about who is in and who is out.

First order of business. Comedian Dane Cook will not be playing Cap in the movie. The comedian apparently did go after the role and told his fans so on twitter. First he claimed that he had to get into top shape for the audition. When asked if he was serious he confirmed that he did audition but, "[Marvel] They might [be going] young."

Yes, Dane. That's why you didn't get the part. They're going young. No hard feelings?

Meanwhile, the Fox411 blog came out yesterday and all but said 'Office' actor John Krasinski is a lock for the role.

"John has read 4 times and is doing screen tests," unnamed source told Fox411.  "He has screen tested 2 times so far.  It's very likely that he will be the new Captain America.  He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week."

The source alleges Krasinski has read several times with prospective leading ladies.

But wait! The typically reliable tells a completely different story. There, former Variety MVP Micheal Fleming reports that Krasinski is out, as are most of the big seven candidates who blipped on everyone's radar a few weeks back. 

Adding some credence to the Krasinski drop-out is the news that the actor just signed a two picture deal to appear in a romcom franchise called 'Something Borrowed' which starts filming this spring.

So, according to the Deadline report, the only two left standing from that list are Garrett Hedlund (seen this week in the super-cool 'Tron: Legacy' trailer) and Mike Vogel ('Cloverfield').

One new name Deadline is adding to the list is a C2F fave: Chris Evans. Fans know Evans from his scene stealing turn as Johnny Storm in the 'Fantastic Four' movies, not to mention the upcoming 'Losers'. We personally think Evans is a great actor with plenty of range and charisma. Check out his no-nonsense military man in Danny Boyle's 'Sunshine'. You won't even recognize him.

As seems to always be the case with the Marvel movies, money will be an issue. According to Deadline, the studio is looking for an actor to make a nine-movie commitment to playing the Star Spangled Avenger. Obviously 'Captain America' and 'The Avengers' are two of those films. Sequels would be two to four more. Presumably some cross-over action might occur as well. The starting salary for the 9 movie gig? A mere $300k.

'The First Avenger: Captain America' is slated to arrive in theaters on July 22, 2011.

What do you think, Maniacs? Where do you want Krasinski in this equation? What about Evans? Any other contenders who must be considered? Post your comments below...

Thanks to CaptainSigma and AntoBlueberry for the submission.

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