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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, March 11, 2010
Release Date: Thursday, March 11, 2010

Events are coming together as the Ayakashi must work together in order to survive what will come.

What They Say
Mysterious beings are trying to eradicate Japan's Ayakashi. Various Ayakashi begin rallying around Yuto and Himari in an attempt to defeat them. In this midst of this emergency, Himari mourns the loss of Yasutsuna, the sword she lost in her fight against Kuesu, and Yuto finds the will to stand and fight.

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Omamori Himari still seems to be a wildly unbalanced show, though one that is now quite overt in showing just how many hot, attractive Ayakashi have come to Yuto's side over the course of just ten episodes. The arrival of Shuten-doji and Tama in the previous episode has the Ayakashi quite concerned about their future and that means they must band together and figure out the best way to deal with it. While eating curry.

While there is some background material going on here, notably watching what Kaburagi from Public Safety is up to in a most obvious manner, the bulk of the show is firming up the positions of the big Ayakashi that are now practically living in Yuto's house and eating his food. Kuesu is still very much in the picture as she's portraying what needs to be done as something that only she and Yuto can do together by driving the final blow against these two villains who are eating the Ayakashi themselves. It's an interesting challenge for Yuto because he's worked so hard to open a dialogue with everyone, hence now having so many hot babes in his room, that he doesn't know what to do about these new people since they just outright attacked and didn't give him a chance to open a dialogue.

Which is actually quite refreshing.

A lot of what we do get here is the dialogue between Himari and Yuto as she's starting to think that she really needs to go off and deal with this whole situation herself. She's a bit more mellow this time around, a bit more on the home side where she's trying to help make a meal and be more attentive to Yuto, but it feels very out of character for her. Himari has some nice moments here, whether it's getting her sword fixed and being genuinely appreciative, or seeing her in a big cat costume when they girls try to figure out ways to stimulate Yuto into realizing his true power. Himari's not a complicated character but they make her difficult because if they had everyone actually realize what others were thinking and feeling, which is plainly obvious to the viewer, the show would lose the will they or won't they aspect. This episode does a bit to de-complicate her a little with regard to Yuto and they have some good tender moments together that helps humanize their relationship more.

In Summary:
The tenth episode of Omamori Himari is all about the setup for the battle with Shuten-doji and Tama that is to come. We've got the solidifying of sides here with Yuto, Kuesu and Himari drawing a lot of Ayakashi to them in order to deal with the coming foe. But before that they must eat some curry and bond more, dress up in silly outfits and have some moments of quite reflection. There are things to like here, but as a whole it's a weak episode because we've seen the natural progression of these bonds for the last several episodes. The back and forth between Himari and Kuesu in particular grates already but it's no surprise that it's here. And sadly, outside of a decent scene that has a good revelation to it, Tama and Shuten-doji are pretty much pointless here. For villains, we haven't gotten a good handle on them in order to view them as anything more than cardboard caricatures.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English subtitles

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