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By:G.B. Smith
Review Date: Thursday, April 01, 2010
Release Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They say that revenge is a dish that is best served cold. Yuuji Sakamoto and Class F have been chilling for quite some time before making their move against Class A for the second time. 

What They Say
Episode 12: Love, Courage, and Our Battle Has Just Begun!
The showdown between the best and the worst is underway! Yoshii's crew unleashes all they've got against Class A, battling all over campus - and above it. Will Class F's training finally pay off?

The Review!
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And so it comes down to this: Class A and Class F will be squaring off in another ST War, this time for all the marbles (since, well, we're likely coming near to the end of the current season). You would think that Class F is going to simply be pummeled again, but Yuuji now reveals his long term strategy. All this time, Class F has been winning ST Wars against higher ranked classes, but has passed on accepting their classrooms even after defeating them. Therefore, the other classes have been put into Class F's debt. The one exception, of course, was Class C, but there is a plan in motion there too.

So, before the afternoon real war, Class B, led by the now-cross-dressing Nemoto, challenges Class A to a mock ST War. Yuuko Kinoshita, Hideyoshi's elder sister and a very proud and arrogant person, belittles the challenge from Class B and says that Class A will accept (Shouko, the class rep, agrees). But this is only the beginning. Not only Class B, but Classes D and E challenge Class A to a mock ST War, in order to repay the debt to Class F. No stratagem is too low for Yuuji, as he even decides on a way of convincing Class C to attack Class A: Hideyoshi is dressed in his sister's school uniform and charges into Class C pretending to be Yuuko. There, she (he) insults Class C by calling them all filthy pigs. Incensed at the insult, Class C as well challenges Class A to a mock ST War.

While all of these battles do not do too much damage to Class A, they do begin to wear them out, since the avatars, while their strength is determined by a student's test scores, still require physical and mental effort to control. Someone who is completely exhausted will be at a disadvantage. Furthermore, when the real war actually begins, Yuuji has a whole series of tricks and ambushes in store, which manages to take down many members of Class A.

In the end, however, there is, as one could expect, a final showdown between Sakamoto and Kirishima atop the school building, with the Kinoshita siblings, Himeji, Yoshii, and Shimada rounding out the group. The fight gets a little hairy, and there is a bit of an over-dramatic moment of high heroism, before the war ends on a complete, and utterly unfulfilling, anti-climax. Of course, the message has to be pounded home that the smart kids always win, even if there is no justice in it in this case.

In Summary:
Thankfully continuing on in the class v. class warfare setup, this episode sees the climax of all of Yuuji Sakamoto's preparations against Class A. These preparations were a long time in bearing fruit, but the true strategist is more effective when his attacks are not able to be predicted by the enemy. The war goes for the most part as expected - though the ending will certainly be a bit of a let down in terms of providing a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the battle. This is not the end, however, as there is another episode to tell us what happens after the war is over.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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