Viz Media Solicits Spring Titles (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Friday, April 02, 2010

Viz Media has put out its spring slate of anime DVD releases recently and it's not a surprise at all with lots of Bleach and Naruto making the list, since these are the money makers and they are airing on networks (though Bleach is getting a delay until late summer for new episodes). No surprises with these titles at all other than seeing a Naruto: Shippuden cover going against the grain with all the other ones. What is surprising is that Inu Yasha is getting put back out onto the market - DUB ONLY.

Cover Art Title Release Date Runtime Price Studio Format
Bleach Box Set 5 Part 1 06-08-2010 450 mins $49.95 Viz Media
Bleach Vol. #28 05-25-2010 100 mins $24.92 Viz Media
Bleach Vol. #29 06-20-2010 100 mins $24.92 Viz Media
Inu Yasha Season 1 Box Set 04-02-2010 675 mins $49.99 Viz Media
Naruto Uncut Season 03 Box Set 06-29-2010 650 mins $49.95 Viz Media
Naruto: Shippuden Vol. #09 05-18-2010 125 mins $24.92 Viz Media
Naruto: Shippuden Vol. #10 06-01-2010 100 mins $24.92 Viz Media

Series: Naruto, Bleach