SMALLVILLE - 9.15 - "Escape" Review (

By:Joe Oesterle
Review Date: Monday, April 05, 2010
Source: Mania

I have no idea what the rest of you thought of this episode, but it seemed very average at best, and sadly an average Smallville is not exactly “Must See TV.” Personally while I think Erica Durance is smoking hot, so any excuse to get her into a little Cosplay gets my attention, there is still another 59 and a half commercial included minutes to sit through in that mix.

Thankfully at least the reason couple number one, Lois and Clark and couple number two, Chloe and Ollie just happened to be at the same exact out of the way little B&B was explained in a believable way. (I must admit I wasn’t expecting that) That said, it would have been much more interesting if the show didn’t open up with the reveal of Mr. and Mrs. Green checking in to the quaint cottage, and their names were just revealed by Lois when she makes the comment about the aforementioned couple. This way after the first time the Banshee wailed, we the audience would be introduced to Chloe and Ollie, and the sharp ones amongst us would get the added aha moment of figuring out Mr. and Mrs. Green were in fact our own amorous archer and his horny gal pal the computer geek.

Not sure I understood the casting of Odessa Rae. I completely comprehend giving someone like Serinda Swan the role of Zatanna. She can’t act her way out of a top hat, but she does fill out a pair of fishnets better than most. With that in mind, I’d expect a gangly actress, with frizzy red hair and gappy yellow teeth to be one hell of an actress. This was not the case with Ms. Rae.

I have to admit I was also curious to see how Clark wouldn’t sleep with Lois this time. Sure we’ve seen them together in the biblical sense during Lois’ post-apocalyptic premonitions, but when he finally does give her the ol’ WHAM! BAM! Thank you Ma’am, I assume the marketing gurus at the CW will give us all a heads up so they can grab as many viewers as they can – including those who bailed on this show years ago. (Or as many of you refer to them, the lucky ones.)

The super hero awkward small talk at the brunch table was the best part of this episode, and it really makes me wish they’d focus more on crime fighting adventures of Clark and Ollie. Justin Hartley grasping at little jellies and rescued orphans as topics for conversation are humorous enough, but when you realize he’s having this conversation with a man who could fly around the world really fast to reverse time if he so chose make it that much funnier. Undoubtedly there are a number of Smallville fans who want more Lois time, but I’d be happy with 30 seconds of Cosplay and the remainder of time I want to see those two fighting threats to the world as we know it. Especially if those threats look as good as Ms. Durance during Cosplay time.

Naturally it wouldn’t be Smallville without at least one moment of convoluted logic, and this week was no exception. After explaining why a young, and remarkably healthy Clark hasn’t been feeding into his own carnal desires for all these years, he explains he had “the talk” with dad and whatever dangers were cause for concern, Clark’s got it all under control. Ok, so why didn’t Zod need the super birds and super bees talk? That guy can do the nasty and fly better than Clark, and he’s only been on this planet for a couple months.

Lois remembering she was the Silver Banshee, but obviously hasn’t followed up with any in-depth questioning is this week’s second moment of convoluted logic. (MOCL) Come on, Lois Lane has the greatest nose for news in the business. It’s been established in the comics, the Sunday panels, radio and movie serials, Saturday morning cartoons and big-budget feature films. I’m willing to concede this prize-winning newshound never put together that Superman is just Clark minus the glasses but plus the spitcurl, but am I also expected to believe this hard-boiled journalist would go through something as newsworthy as being possessed by a 300 year old wraith (who incidentally murdered someone a few hours before in a different body) and not ask how this banshee was banished?

And of course, our third MOCL is just a variant on the same thing that seems to happen every week Clark is about to do battle with the villain du jour, except instead of the bad guy slipping on the proverbial banana peel, Chloe winds up saving the day by burning the painting. Where’s Scooby and the gang when you need them. I bet Daphne would have figured out how to vanquish the spirit way before anyone was killed. Superman should be better equipped at saving the day than the passengers of the Mystery Van.



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Mania Grade: B-
Title: Smallville
Episode Title: Escape
Starring: Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Erica Durance, Callum Blue, Justin Hartley, Odessa Rae
Written by: Genevieve Sparling
Directed by: Kevin Fair
Network: The CW Network
Series: Smallville