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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Monday, April 26, 2010
Source: Mania

More videos and teases as 'Iron Man 2' builds up to opening day. PLUS: Sony in a rush to make 'Ghost Rider 2'. 'The Losers' lose at box office.  'Captain America 'chatter and more. With the smell of wine and cheap perfume, it's your Comics2Film 10.4.26!




Box Office: LOSERS Lose, KICK-ASS Drops

Even though C2F didn't love 'The Losers', we are quite surprised by the poor opening for the film. The comic-based flick debuted at #4, ringing in a paltry $9.6 million in receipts according to weekend estimates. This in spite of an aggressive marketing campaign from Warner Bros and a number of appealing trailers.

In fact, it barely raised enough cash to edge out 'Kick-Ass', which took in $9.5 million in its second week. Matthew Vaughn's violent, R-rated adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr's comic lost 52% of its audience, which is a fairly average week two drop. It's total domestic gross is now about $34.9 million.

Proving to have better staying power is the amazing, upwardly-mobile 'How to Train Your Dragon', which decisively claimed the #1 spot for the second time in its five-week run. Also contributing to the 'Losers' loss are the newly-opened 'Back-up Plan' at #2 and the appealing comedy 'Date Night' holding firm at #3.



Sony Rushing GHOST RIDER 2 Without Cage?

The New York Magazine gossip blog Vulture reports that Sony is in a race against time on its 'Ghost Rider' sequel and may rush it into production without leading man Nicolas Cage.

The reason? Their licensing deal with Marvel apparently requires them to feature the character in a film that must start production by November 14, or they lose the film rights. Even though the previous flick was a middling performer, no studio in Hollywood wants to give up whatever rights they may have to a potentially lucrative Marvel character.

While Cage wants to do the movie, he may not be available before the deadline. He's tied up in the 'National Treasure' series which is ramping up for a third go-round.

Sony has a script from Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman that was overseen by 'Batman' architect David S. Goyer. No director is presently attached.

Sony has apparently asked Marvel to extend their deal to make room for Cage, but if that tactic fails then they franchise may be forced to ride on without him.

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Millar Hypes NEMESIS

Mark Millar is doing what he does best, whipping up intrigue about the movie version of his new comic 'Nemesis'. Last week he tipped that there was a director that was very close to signing on for the feature.

Now he says that he's holding casting conversations with that still-unnamed director. A posting on Millarworld reads:

Subheading: I'm emailing the director now...

..and he has some amazing plans. I can't wait til this gets announced. Very, very exciting. The mods already know who's being considered for Nemesis, but the director just made a great suggestion for Blake Morrow. Fortunately, all the biggest stars right now are in their late forties so there's several great ones to choose from.

This is going to be great!

Blake Morrow is the aging, brilliant detective who becomes the target of the title character's schemes in the comics mini-series.



C2F Quick Hits



IRON MAN 2 Videos

We can expect waves of video releases for 'Iron Man 2' building up to the May 7 bow.

Here's TV Spot #10

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IGN Exclusively reveals the post-Monaco conversation between Tony Stark and Whiplash

More Iron Man 2 Videos


And Moviefone shows us Tony Stark Oogling and Googling "Natalie" Romanoff

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