By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Friday, May 07, 2010

Aniplex of America Inc. will host a GURREN LAGANN cosplay contest in association with American Cosplay Paradise (ACP).  Winners will be announced after the GURREN LAGANN the Movie Screening on Saturday, July 3rd at Anime Expo.
There will be two categories – one for just Kamina and one for all other GURREN LAGANN characters. The Top five entries from the general contest and top two Kaminas will receive badges to Anime Expo and VIP seating at the GURREN LAGANN the MOVIE –Childhood’s End- screening and award ceremony after the screening.  Mr.Katsuyuki Konishi, the voice of Kamina and many other famous roles in anime, will select a winner from each category and present a prize.
You may enter the contest between now and June 17th at  On June 18th, all entries will be shown on the contest page, where people can vote for their favorite entries. The finalists with the most votes will be announced on June 24.
For detailed information on the contest, visit
For Mr. Katsuyuki Konishi’s bio and the event schedule, visit
Aniplex of America will release GURREN LAGANN the MOVIE –Childhood’s End- on July 1, 2010 exclusively through Bandai Entertainment’s THE STORE online shop. The DVD will be also available at a selected retailer at Anime Expo.
Check out the clip below of a compilation of various Gurren Lagann cosplayers who have been captured on film from previous conventions!

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