15 Games to Check Out for May (Mania.com)

By:Briana Lawrence
Date: Monday, May 10, 2010


While April may have been a slower paced month for games--despite us playing the hell out of Super Street Fighter 4--May picks up the pace for gaming with plumbers riding green dinosaurs, western shoot-‘em ups, exciting new betas, and the announcement for the release date of a certain epic PC game.

May 2010 Game Releases

15. The black wii 

This is at the bottom of our excitement list not because we don't care about it, but because we're a little jealous. We've had our wii for years now and paid $249.99 like a good portion of the world. Now, for $199.99, there will be a sleek black wii with all of the components of its white counterpart AND wii sports resort with a motion plus! Incredible.

May 2010 Game Releases

14. Hexyz Force (PSP)

The PSP seems to be getting quite a few RPGs these days. Coming this month is "Hexyz Force," a new RPG from Atlus where players have two characters to choose from as they embark on a journey through their world's impending destruction. Advertising nearly non-existent load times, quick battles, and the option to install the game, this seems like an interesting edition to the PSP RPG family.

May 2010 Game Releases

13. Naruto Shippuden: UNH3 (PSP)

There are about a zillion Naruto games out there now, but this one promises to be the most extensive one to date. Sticking to the Ultimate Ninja franchise with its combat system, yet offering four-player battles like in the Clash of Ninja series. There's over 50 playable characters, a new multi-player co-op system, and a large story mode with over 80 missions. A perfect game to whet our appetites before the PS3 and 360 games are released this fall.

May 2010 Game Releases

12. Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (DS)

Another edition to the "Blue Dragon" franchise brings something completely new to the table: customization. For the first time, players can change their hero's appearance: from armor, to gender, even their voice. The characters around you will change their roles accordingly to fit your new hero. There's also a multi-player feature, letting players get together with friends to fight bosses and find rare treasures.

May 2010 Game Releases

11. Batman Arkham Asylum: GOTY  (360/PS3)

This would be higher on our list if we hadn't already spent all of last summer roaming around the halls of Arkham. But for those of you who haven't played the most amazing super hero game out there, you might as well play it with all of the extras included. Also, this game will have 3-D capabilities, coming bundled with 3-D glasses. We're not quite sure how that's going to work, or if you need a 3-D TV, but having Killer Croc jump out at us might be a bit too much for us to handle.

May 2010 Game Releases

10. UFC 2010  (360/PS3)

How do you improve on a fighting game that was already pretty damn good? Have over 100 UFC fighters available, make the combat even better, and give more options for character customization. The biggest improvement, however, may be on the Classic Fights Mode from UFC 2009. Now called Ultimate Fights Mode, players can play through some of UFC's most memorable fights with more challenges then in the previous game. 

May 2010 Game Releases

9. Split Second (360/PS3/PC)

"Split Second" has an interesting concept, a mix of reality TV and street racing--the one thing that network television hasn't thought of yet. There's also an extremely destructible city at your fingertips as you race, and you have the power to trigger said destruction and make life hard for other racers while making good television.
Bonus game: For those who need more adrenaline in their lives check out Blur, another racing game coming out this month. While its races aren't broadcasted to the world, it does feature power boosts, four-player split screen, and an innovative story where you actually get to know the other racers around you and make friends and rivals.

May 2010 Game Releases

8. Trauma Team  (wii)

Another edition to the trauma franchise, "Trauma Team" hits the wii and lets players literally play doctor. But unlike the previous games in the series, there are five other paths that players can choose from: diagnostician, EMT, orthopedic surgeon, endoscope technician, or forensic examiner.

May 2010 Game Releases

7.  Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands  (360/PS3)

Our hearts were a little broken with the last Prince of Persia to hit next-gen consoles--it was gorgeous, but not dying and limited combat made it boring,but this one looks promising. Multiple enemies to fight, crazy acrobatics, and even crazier abilities (first there was time, now there's nature) make this game interesting, especially since it takes place between Sands of Time and Warrior Within.

May 2010 Game Releases

6. Alan Wake (360)

A fiancee who vanishes without a trace. A creepy town. A novelist who can't remember the book he wrote as he's forced to live through each hellish page of it. Lots of dark shadows with light as your only weapon. Better bring a lot of AA batteries for that flashlight.

May 2010 Game Releases

5. Lost Planet 2  (360/PS3)

Ten years after the first game finds the frozen land melting away after terraforming projects. Players will customize their characters and move in to take control of the changing planet. With more enemies to battle and new environments to explore that are no longer covered in ice, it's a good thing that this game offers up to four player co-op and rewards for good teamwork.

May 2010 Game Releases

4. ModNation Racers  (PS3/PSP)

If Little Big Planet and Mario Kart got together and had a drunken one-night stand, "ModNation Racers" would be the result. Only instead of Nintendo winning the custody battle, Sony does, and the creative racer is exclusive to the PS3 and PSP. Create your own everything (kart, driver, and tracks) and share it online, or just race others in a face-paced racer full of oddly cute drivers and missiles. 

May 2010 Game Releases

3. 3D Dot Game Heroes  (PS3)

Who doesn't miss the classic RPG days of 8-bit towns, hearts as your health icon, dragons, and chickens. "3D Dot Game Heroes" aims to bring those days back with 2-D plains made up of 3-D blocks, only this time around players can customize their hero and choose from a variety of weapons, including a sword that almost takes up the entire field of battle.

May 2010 Game Releases

2. Red Dead Redemption  (360/PS3)

Let's face it, everybody wants to be a cowboy. We wanted to gush over this game last month but alas, it was pushed back to May, adding to the long list of games to be excited for. The creators of "Grand Theft Auto" present a Wild West story full of outlaws, guns, honor, or... well... all out bastard-ness--the choice is yours as to how you act in the game. The part we're most excited about is how open the world is in this game, letting players roam around wherever they please even in multi-player mode.

May 2010 Game Releases

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2  (wii)

Despite our excitement for everything else, the heroic plumber always makes us smile and worms his way onto the top of our list. Maybe it’s because he always stays the same and simply adds to the things we love. This time, there's twice as many stars (hopefully not because of a second play-through), more power-ups, new worlds, and... Yoshi! YOSHI!! The game is supposed to be more of a challenge then the first--if there's another purple coin challenge in the toy galaxy we will destroy our wii--but there's now an option to have Rosalina finish the level for you. How embarrassing! At least it’s not Luigi this time like in "New Super Mario Brothers."

May 2010 Game Releases

+ 1 more: Halo Reach beta  (360)

Because if we don't mention this, we're fairly certain that we will be assassinated in our sleep. The beta finally went up this month and the servers are already suffering the consequences. But it brings us one step closer to the new Halo and gives us a taste of what's to come.
Extra special notes:
1. It appears that Lego Harry Potterwill not be released this month, but next month. There's now a collector’s edition available with some making of videos and LEGO magnets of the different schools.
2. In last month's article we mentioned Fat Princess coming out on PSP when it's actually coming out this month instead. Oops!
3. Last, but certainly not least, StarCraft 2 finally, FINALLY has a release date that was announced this month. Mark your calendars for July 27. It's good to know that we already have our number one pick for a July gaming article. 
If you missed April's installment: 10 Games That Deliver for Spring. Also check out 15 Reasons Why March Will Be Epic for Games.   As always, see what games have hit and missed this year with  20 Most Anticipated Games for 2010.

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