Hetalia: Axis Powers Episodes #05-08 (of 52) (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Monday, May 10, 2010
Release Date: Sunday, May 09, 2010

Let the mass production of white flags by Italy commence!

What They Say
Germany, Japan, and Italy are on a deserted island, and they're making the most of such a pleasant environment. Especially Italy, who uses the free time make white flags and sand sculptures of pasta.

The Review!
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Hetalia's time in the past continues on nicely as we see more of the Axis powers spending time together on a deserted island at first, which is where the name Axis is decided upon. The show at this stage is still working through the basic gags with these three characters as Germany is continually finding that Italy just is too much to deal with but he can't seem to get rid of him. Italy for his part is as expected in that he wants to help and tries to do his best, but his best seems to be either making pasta (out of sand!) or creating white flags of surrender. Japan does try to ease tensions at times and manages to get Germany to enjoy the scenery a bit, but Germany's not the type to really just sit back and relax at this stage.

While the trio regularly acts like the world revolves around them (more so for Italy in his dreams), they're not the only ones out there. The Allies are getting their act together, barely, as there's a humorous scene where USA tries to lay out their plan of attack but have a hard time doing so in between mouthfuls of food or drinks. The other Allies want to get in on the action as well and France even makes his way in secret into Axis territory, though when he comes across Germany he freaks out and runs away. Which is doubly amusing as Romano, older brother to Italy, is there and sees France and freaks out himself. So many longstanding issues between these countries exist and there are all sorts of fears that got tossed out into it.

Another part that amused a lot is seeing Austria in action after Germany acquired him and he ended up living in Germany's house. Austria is pretty strict and formal while having little real interest in dealing with some of Germany's friends. Italy is of course put down regularly and Austria tends to be aloof yet highly critical of everything. There are even some flashback moments in the Chibitalia sequences where we see Austria disciplining little Italy because of his gluttonous ways. Italy really is abused throughout this series and it keeps working for me, including the scenes where he's continually captured by the Allies and then sent back to Germany because of how difficult of a prisoner he is. The way he's captured is never shown but the pride of the Allies as they get him, and then realize what they have, is hilarious.

In Summary:
Hetalia keeps pace with what it did before though it's starting to work in more of the cast now with the Allies making more frequent appearances and Austria getting involved as well. The scene stealer though is Romano, Italy's older brother from the south who used to pal around with Spain a lot. His introduction and meeting with Germany is spot on priceless and I demand the dub be broken up into ringtones with Romano getting some choice lines. Like the first few episodes, there's plenty here that people will find insulting or offensive, but it's pretty damn amusing. This chunk of episodes keeps us in the World War II phase nicely and it's a lot of fun to watch, from the stranded on the beach moments to the Allies getting more involved in the action. I really hope this is a show that FUNimation can merchandise as I'd love to have a bunch of Hetalia/Chibitalia things.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitle

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