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By:Joe Oesterle
Date: Friday, May 21, 2010
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All good things must come to an end, and this saying certainly holds true for the ABC series LOST. More than any other show in recent years, LOST has probably helped sell more DVRs and TiVos, and yet at the same time, their loyal viewers (which is every viewer, because let’s face it, you can’t be a casual LOST viewer) make sure they are glued to their seats at 9PM (8 Central) every Tuesday, because they need their magic island fix, and they need it ASAP.
With the conclusion within reach, the faithful will tune in with mixed emotions. Sad to say farewell to good friends, and bitter enemies, but also looking forward to finally getting some answers to the myriad of questions posed over the past 6 seasons.

Lost Questions

11. Will We Ever Find Out Why Walt Was So Special?

 We know we’re never going to find out the answers to all the mysteries introduced in this show. We don’t care that much about Jack’s tattoo, and we already know we’re not going to get the answer of who was shooting from the other outrigger just last year; (and we’re none too happy about that) but how do they give us a puzzle so seemingly specific to the core of everything in the first two seasons and then gradually slink away from the question like they just farted in an elegant ballroom, and are hoping no one accuses them?
The real reason is because the kid who played Walt is now 3 times the size of the diminutive Nestor Carbonell, but they still need to address this somehow.
Odds of finally getting the answer: 5%

Lost Questions

10. Who Was The Love Of Sayid's Life, Shannon Or Nadia?

Sayid has been both a lover and a fighter during his life. The problem is the Sayid in the island timeline is dead, so he won’t be doing any brawling or banging anytime soon, and the Sayid in the Safe Landing Universe (SLU) might be heading back to County Jail – where he will unfortunately do more than his fair share of both brawling and banging.
Many assume the love of Sayid’s life has always been Nadia, but since island Sayid has never revealed the name of his one true love, many a fan has held to the belief that his soul mate was not the Iraqi prisoner or war, but the spoiled, blonde, brother-effing princess, Shannon.
Odds of finally getting the answer: 20%

Lost Questions

9. Was Mother a Smoke Monster too?

In one of the most controversial episodes since a skanky Bai Ling tatted Jack up with the phrase, “He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us,” we were recently introduced (for the full hour) to Jacob, his brother the Man in Black and to their murderous and secretive mother.
While it is clear that Mother imparted her gift of “island protector” to Jacob, we were left to wonder if she was also the powerfully destructive being known as the Smoke Monster.
The biggest clue that she is indeed Smokey, or at least knew him well enough to ask for favors, is someone must have burned that village killed those people and filled in that well in the time it takes a 40 - something year old man to regain consciousness from a serious bump on the noggin.
Allison Janney is in fine shape for a woman of her age, and while she could probably torch a city block of homes, she’s probably only capable of killing 3 or 4 villagers on a good day, and would be much too tired to shove boulders into a 50-foot pit afterwards.
Odds of finally getting the answer: 80%

Lost Questions

8. Who is David's Mother?

The writers have enjoyed teasing us with the identity of Jack’s baby momma since we learned SLU Jack has a son named David. We know it wasn’t Kate, and we can probably eliminate Ana Lucia, Libby, Rousseau and Rose from the list. (Though according to Bernard, Jack’s got a thing for Rose.)
Assuming we have already met this woman, (and that’s a fair assumption with the way they’ve tantalized us) this really only leaves a couple of viable options.
We all know how bad Jack had it for his original timeline wife, Sarah (Modern Family’s, Julie Bowen) but we also know he had a brief, albeit sparkless island fling with the love of Sawyer’s life, Juliet.
Considering the way the home was decorated, the classical music David has studied, and the fact that Jack could have easily met Juliet during med school or at the same hospital (we also suspect Juliet delivered the Kwon baby) we are placing a huge wager on Juliet.
Odds of finally getting the answer: 90%

Lost Questions

7. How Will The 2 Universes Merge?

This one is tricky. There are no shortage of theories floating around out there, but each one seems flawed to some extent. Our favorite theory is since time moves at a different rate on the island, and since time travel has been accomplished, that it’s possible the island dwellers (living in 2007) are traveling backwards to the SLU. (year 2004)
Other theories harken to the Matrix, Sliding Doors, perhaps one reality will just cease to be, and of course, the dreaded “it was all a dream.”
Odds of finally getting the answer: 99%

Lost Questions

6. What Was The Hurley Bird?

Hugo Reyes was convinced a giant green bird with a wingspan of 16 feet flew over him and called him by his nickname, “Hurley.” When he asked Sawyer, who was standing right next to him at the time, Sawyer sarcastically confirmed Hugo’s suspicion, with a well-delivered; "Yeah, it did. Right before it crapped gold.”
In Egyptian mythology (which plays no small part in the overall LOST mythos) the god, Horus, is a sizable green falcon. Will we ever get a guaranteed corroboration on the Hurley bird mystery?
Odds of finally getting the answer: 15%

Lost Questions

5. Why Is The Ancient Dagger So Important?

Most likely a weapon from the ancient shipwreck that brought the Jacob and The Man In Black’s bio-mom to the island in the first place, this dagger has made a number of appearances in the past few months. It was first shown when Dogen presented it to Sayid, with the orders to kill Smlocke. (Smoke Monster/Locke a.k.a. MIB, a.k.a. Man In Black) before he could utter a word.
It was later used by Sayid to slice the throat of Dogen’s Lennon-lookalike lackey. Later (although chronologically 250 years earlier) MIB presented it to Richard with the express intention to kill Jacob, with the identical instructions as Dogen laid out. Most recently Smlocke slayed Widmore’s Liz Lemon looking lady friend with this same blade.
Will this weapon be instrumental in the potential death of the soulless, smokified sinful scoundrel?
Odds of finally getting the answer: 78%

Lost Questions

4. Will Sawyer Meet Up With Juliet For Coffee?

Of all the questions posed, this one has to be the slam-dunkingestly easiest one to answer. There is no way the writers come up with dialogue about going dutch on a cup of coffee as she lies dying in the arms of her beloved, and then top that with her words from the grave, “It worked,” without paying that one off. Since there’s only one episode left to address this enigma, it’s a sure bet it will work and she will be having coffee… But not with Sawyer. Juliet will be splitting her java bill with a charming fella named James Ford.
Odds of finally getting the answer: 100%

Lost Questions

3. How Did Jack Get His Neck Scar?

In this season’s opening scene we see Jack Shephard in an airplane bathroom mirror, looking perplexed at what appears to be a fresh shaving nick on his neck. During the last episode, the cut seemed even bigger and bloodier. Considering how often knives and ancient daggers have been used offensively and defensively on this show it’s a good guess that Jack didn’t injure himself with a Schick.
The real questions are who cut Jack, when did they cut Jack and why did they cut Jack?
Odds of finally getting the answer: 100%

Lost Questions

2. What’s With The Ash Circles?

We assume the ashes Ilana and Bram brought with them are the ashes of dead people, and possibly that of Jacob. Of course we’ve also seen a lot of ashes around the shack, and there were ashes on the temple grounds as well. That’s a lot of ashes for one body. Heck even giant Walt couldn’t provide that much cremated dust.
Why does the ash (much like the sonic fence) seem to be a boundary the Smoke Monster cannot cross?
Odds of finally getting the answer: 37%

Lost Questions

1. Is Ben Good or Evil?

A heated watercooler and internet thread debate over the past 3 seasons has been whether Ben is, at the heart of everything, good or evil. There is no doubt Ben did some nasty things, (ordering mass genocide for one) but it also seems that he did at least some of those things while believing he was doing it for the good of the island, and at the behest of (a false) Jacob.
Ben has also done some good things (sparing Rousseau’s life and raising baby Alex on his own instead of murdering her as ordered.)
After killing Charles Widmore in cold blood, and seemingly chumming it up with Smlocke, Ben once again looks like he’s only in it for himself. However, he did previously reject Smlocke’s offer of island executive management, and seemed genuinely repentant and humbled at Ilana’s graceful act of forgiveness. We’re assuming Ben is using his greatest weapon, his weasely deception skills, to do what the great grifter James “Sawyer” Ford was unable to do – run the long con on Smlocke in the name of goodness.
Odds of finally getting the answer: 100%
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