One Piece Episode #452 (

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010
Release Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010

Captain Buggy becomes a god among the pirates with new revelations made during the voyage.

What They Say
After passing through the Gate of Justice, Luffy and others are on their way to Navy Headquarters but in all the rush to get out of Impel Down, no one told Buggy and the other convicts the plan - and they couldn't be less excited about it! Meanwhile, the Transponder Snail on the Navy ship starts ringing...

The Review!
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Thanks to Bon-chan's sacrifice, Luffy and the gang have made it pat the Gate of Justice successfully and the impressive feat of escaping from Impel Down has now come to its conclusion, at least in that regard. Luffy's ability to sneak in and get out with so many people and to cause so much carnage is incredibly significant and impressive. Impel Down has been pretty shaken by this, but let's not forget that Blackbeard is still in there and that we recently saw the release of Shiryu who had been pretty ineffective in the larger sense as he had no real role to play during the carnage that went on.

Now that they're on the outside, and some amount of sorrow is on display with regards to Bon-chan, the revelation comes out about what's next in store for the ship and its crew. Suffice to say, it doesn't exactly go over well with most of them and even Luffy is shocked to learn that Jimbei is a Warlord since he didn't have a clue about it. There's a whole lot of concern about what the plan is since nobody wants to go to Navy HQ after escaping from Impel Down, the Devil Fruit folks even more so, but events take an odd turn in the midst of the debate. That comes in contact with the Navy who gets Luffy on the snail and we learn a whole lot about Buggy that really takes his current position, already a decent one considering what happened in the prison, and elevates him to new heights based on his true relations and where he's sailed in the past before Luffy encountered him hundreds of episodes ago. It's the great kind of twist that's simply a ton of fun to watch happen.

Naturally, such revelations create an interesting situation about the ship. Jimbei and the others are intent on going to Navy HQ for various reasons and when you have people like him and Crocodile working together, that's pretty significant. That said, with so many of the rank and file not anywhere near as invested in the plan that Luffy has, they see Buggy as their savior and are set to mutiny in order to save their lives. The revelations about Buggy really start changing his mindset in an interesting way where he's now seeing himself as being something more than he's been viewed before, and having this sudden surge of admirers cements it all the more. The tension continues to rise while we are also reminded exactly what's in store for them as the Navy HQ is given a nod along with Ace, whom we haven't seen for a few episodes now.

In Summary:
One Piece moves along really nicely here as it gets us set with where the ship must go next, but not without some problems first. What's continually fascinated me with the entire Impel Down arc is how it's taken some characters I never really cared for all that much, and Buggy in particular, and made them into a really engaging character that I want to know a whole lot more about. This episode is one huge Buggy tease in the end as we learn quite a bit about him that leaves you wanting to know more while also cementing that he's likely to continue to be an interesting and somewhat regular character in the show for awhile longer. I had feared we might lose him once Impel Down was done with and this episode certainly deals with that.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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