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By:John Rose
Date: Wednesday, June 02, 2010


The summer movie season is upon us and once again theaters will be full of men and women running through a hail of bullets and showing off their gun slinging skills. We would like to point out in this article 10 anime and manga characters who could send even the most die hard action hero diving for cover. Out of a lack of any sort of a "Western Frontier" period of their own or just fascination with stories of skills from those in those days who made their way through life on either side of the law Japan has come up with some strong and bold gunslingers to add to their own mythology.

10. Maki Umezaki-Geobreeders

Maki loves the image she adopted for herself and she is almost never without her white fedora or some manner of handgun. She calls herself the "Red Shooting Star" and carried Lugers because she liked to emulate a Japanese actor, though she will use other favorites based off other actor's portrayals as well. One shouldn't focus her silver screen fixation and think she is all imitation however as she is incredibly skilled with all manner of small and large arms.

9. Nicholas D. Wolfwood-Trigun

Wearing the clothes of a priest and carrying a cross on his back Wolfwood roams the desert planet of Gunsmoke. His cross truly represents death not only in its symbolic meaning but also in the fact that it is one giant arsenal itself. It contains a machine gun function and rocket launcher as well as containing a rack of handguns in the anime. Before Wolfwood met Vash, he was a do whatever it takes individual who had no problem with dispensing lead as for his sacraments and introducing those in his way to God in a very up close manner.

8. Irene "Rally" Vincent-Gunsmith Cats

Rally Vincent was trained by her father to shoot guns since she was young much to her mother's disapproval. After her father vanishes trying to track down her mother's killer Rally decides to try to find him and the best way to do so is as a bounty hunter herself. In her day job, she operates the Gunsmith Cats store which sells and modifies guns but in her side job she puts all that knowledge she has to work in both factoring in and her opponent’s weapons.

7. Train Heartnet-Black Cat

Death has been with Train most of his life. After having his parents killed their assassin Zaguine Axeloake takes Train in and teaches him to shoot and be a killer so he can avenge them. Before Train can do so Axeloake is killed before him. Train then becomes a member of a mysterious organization who gives him a gun made of Orichalcum called Hades and mark it and him with the number XIII and make him their assassin.

6. Canaan-Canaan

As a young girl Canaan was made an orphan as her whole village was wiped out in a war. She was found by a man who changes her name to Canaan (a reference to the Biblical promised land) and raised to hone her exceptional skills. She possesses a particular form of synesthesia which allows her to perceive people as colors that represent their emotional stages allowing her to perceive threats clearly and also grants her a special form of vision as she can see through solid objects. Canaan's weapon of choice is a Beretta Px4 Type G semi-automatic handgun and she is almost superhuman in her ability to use it.

5. Daisuke Jigen-Lupin the 3rd

Little is known of Jigen's past other than he used to be in the mob (the anime and manga stories conflict) but what is known is that he was a feared operator in the underground even then. His lightning fast draw and incredible accuracy make him dangerous enough, but Jigen has no reservation at killing any man who is a threat to him (though he doesn't shoot women and children on principle). Jigen's wit and temper are nearly as dangerous as his marksman skills as few have survived an armed encounter with him.

4. Major Motoko Kusanagi-Ghost in the Shell S.A.C.

While her personality changes a bit across the various TV, movie and manga media some things remain the same about the Major throughout, one of which is her tremendous skill in combat which includes unarmed and armed. While she often is shown with a handgun it is apparent that she has a broad expertise in weapons that Section 9 uses to carry out its missions. Staring down the barrel at someone so skilled with weapons and dedicated to a cause would not be pleasant at all.

3. Ryo Saeba-City Hunter

Due to an airplane crash Ryo lost his parents, his past and his childhood as he grew up in a war torn Central-American country. Ryo left country behind when he moved to Shinjuku in Japan but not his abilities. He now uses them as he sees fit to help women in danger with his incredible skill with his preferred .357 Magnum. While his often lecherous side makes him come off as a bit of a joke anyone who has seen the City Hunter in action when he gets serious knows he is a man without fear.

2. Revy "Two Hand"-Black Lagoon

In the outlaw city of Roanapur which is full of killers, thugs and some of the most skilled fighting criminals in the word Revy has risen to the upper levels when it comes to being feared for her skill, demeanor and ability to attract dangerous trouble. Revy has lived as a criminal since she was very young and now can carry out even some of the most horrendous acts with a smile on her face and gun smoke in her wake. Her weapons of choice are a pair of Beretta 92FS though she is by no means limited to their use.

1. "Duke Togo"-Golgo 13

Almost nothing is known of the man who refers to himself as Duke Togo-even if that is his real name. His age and nationality are also unknown as are the origins in his alias. It is theorized that it comes from one of the most known betrayals and executions in history but even that is just speculation added to the ominous aura that surrounds his existence. What is known is that his reputation of being ruthless and unstoppable drive fear into the hearts of those who know it and hear they are on his list as he has never failed to carry out a task once he accepts the job. Any attempt at betrayal is met with lethal payback. Togo's weapon of choice is an M16 that has been customized for sniping but he is proficient in many small weapons use.now.

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