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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, June 10, 2010
Source: Various

Green Lantern 2 on the way! Plus: Spider-Man villain rumor. Green Hornet trailer news. Walking Dead shambles overseas and more! The daily column that loves it when a plan comes together, it's your Comics2Film 10.6.10!





We checked out The A-Team on Tuesday morning. We'll leave the job of writing a full it to Mr. Rob Vaux and only offer our two cents here: it's as loud and dumb as the TV series was and five times as fun. The cast works great together (surprise: Rampage is good!). If you can go along with the absurdity of, well, pretty much every scene, you'll have a good time. Grade: B.



BATMAN 3 Casting Rumors Restarted

Here's something we didn't miss: random casting rumors about Batman 3 villains.

Well, now that Nolan is talking about it again, move star gossip sheets like HollywoodLife are throwing casting stories against the wall and hoping something sticks.

The site claims that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is favored to play the Riddler in new movie. Gordon-Levitt is appearing in Nolan's Inception which drops next month.

Of course, their sources are unnamed and only Nolan and David Goyer know which villains appear in the film. Riddler and Catwoman have been presumed for the third installments by fans and the gossip mill for years. At this point we're going to dismiss this as made-up tabloid stuff, but expect some big revelations about Batman 3 as Inception passes and Nolan refocuses on the Dark Knight Detective.

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C2F Quick Hits



THE PHANTOM Trailer, Clip and Stills

Sci Fi Wire has posted the trailer for SyFy Channel's original movie The Phantom. The movie premieres June 20th at 7pm and features Ryan Carnes as a young, contemporary update of Lee Falk's classic comic strip character. Click to watch it.

Meanwhile the Comics Continuum has posted a gallery of images from the show as well as a clip:

 Sad to say, we have to agree with scooper AntoBlueberry who sums up his reaction with a resounding "meh."




And, if you're comic strip tastes run towards sexy British rom coms, there's a new trailer for the Tamara Drewe movie. It's based on the comic by Posy Simmonds and stars Gemma Arterton in the lead. Stephen Frears directs.

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It's not "THE RUNNING DEAD" Says Darabont

The official blog for The Walking Dead has posted a Q & A with director Frank Darabont about the currently-filming show. Darabont has a bit to say about Robert Kirkman's comics, the actors and the Atlanta location of the shoot.

Our favorite quote focuses on the great zombie debate started (perhaps) by Zack Snyder's Dawn of the Dead remake.

"Here's my favorite thing: the endless debate among the fans about how fast a zombie can move. There are the folks who just can't stand seeing zombies running. I'm kind of in that camp," Darabont revealed and then continued, "but if you look at the very first zombie in [Night of the Living Dead] - the one in the cemetery chasing Barbara, he gets up to a pretty good jog. I'm keying our zombie behavior off of that film: Whether they're in a very languid state or they're on the attack, they'll move no faster than that first zombie in Night of the Living Dead."

Click through for more from Darabont.




We're still about a year away from Green Lantern hitting theaters, but Warner Bros have already broken ground on the sequel.

Heat Vision reports that the writing trio of Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, who penned the script for the first film have been tasked to write a treatment for Green Lantern 2. Apparently the studio likes what they're seeing on the current film, directed by Martin Campbell and starring Ryan Reynolds.

The trio have also been tapped to write a treatment for The Flash. That bit of news is somewhat surprising as the studio had invested some capital in a script from DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and screenwriter Dan Mazeau, and the rumor from late May was that the studio was going to be moving fast on a speedster pic. The fact that Berlanti, Green and Guggenheim are going back to the treatment stage suggests the Johns/Mazeau work will largely be discarded.

Past rumors have also indicated that Berlanti is being considered for the job directing the Flash.

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