Durarara and Darker Than Black Season 2 Going to Aniplex? (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aniplex USA's first release is due out in July with the first Gurren Lagann movie and on that disc we get a couple of ideas of what to expect for the future. In the "Aniplex Trailers" section, they contain three trailers. The first is for the second Gurren Lagann movie, "The Lights in the Sky are Stars." The second is for the second season of Darker Than Black, entitled "Gemini of Meteor." This trailer is the 2:18 promotional video that heralded the return of the series to the small screen. The third and final trailer is for Durarara!! which uses the 32 second promotional clip for it.

The two TV series trailers are both fully subtitled and splash across the end by saying that they're bound for the US.

Series: Darker Than Black, Durarara!!