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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, July 01, 2010
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Is Josh Hutcherson the new Spider-Man? (Maybe...maybe not) Plus: Worthingon and Radical get Damaged! Ghosts of the dead to haunt Smallville! Loeb talks Marvel TV and more! Bending it like Aang, it's your Comics2Film 10.7.1!




More From Loeb on Marvel TV

MTV Splash Page is the latest site to post their sit-down with Jeph Loeb, newly-anointed head of Marvel's TV division. Loeb is understandably being cautious in his comments and has yet to reveal any specific projects for the newly formed branch of Marvel.

He did say that the emphasis for the live-action projects will be on quality rather than quantity.

"This is something we want to do very slowly very carefully, and very selectively," Loeb told MTV. "It will not be a big, wide range of stuff, and we want to make sure that, much in the same way the feature guys have used top-name talent in order to get the best scripts and the best directors, that's something we want to do."

He also said that TV-sized budgets needn't worry fans who are enjoying fantastic looking Marvel conversions on the big screen.

"We certainly have a responsibility to make the best-looking shows on television, but we are on television, so obviously there are going to be limitations in terms of what we can do," Loeb said. "When you look at shows like Smallville, Lost and Heroes, those are really good-looking shows and really spoke to the fanbase and general television audience. So I'm hoping we'll be able to get out there and swing for the fences."

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Sam Worthington and Radical Get DAMAGED

From a press release

Preliminary cover art to DAMAGED

July 1, 2010, Los Angeles, CA – Radical Publishing and Full Clip Productions are proud to announce that they have entered into an imprint deal. Under this agreement, Full Clip Productions, the company headed by actor Sam Worthington and his partners Michael Schwarz and John Schwarz, will develop intellectual property to be produced under the Radical banner. Worthington and John Schwarz will star in the film adaptations of select projects.

The first project in development under the imprint is Damaged, created by John Schwarz and Michael Schwarz, and written by Eisner Award winner David Lapham (Stray Bullets), the story centers on two brothers committed to justice in different ways – one inside the law, one violently beyond it. Now, with the end of their careers approaching, they must train their replacements, hoping to remake each in their image. But the vigilante code has changed and the brothers are left unprepared for the true lawlessness and corruption that is about to be unleashed. Fans can learn more about Damaged when they visit Radical's San Diego Comic-Con Booth #3735.

"We are thrilled to have Full Clip in the Radical family," said Radical Studios President Barry Levine. "An imprint deal of this nature is unprecedented in the industry, and we couldn't ask for better partners than Sam, Michael and John."

"As a lifelong fan of comics, I'm so excited to have the chance to create material which I can then personally bring to life on screen," Worthington said. "This is a great opportunity for my partners and I to work alongside a dynamic company like Radical."

Radical Publishing, run by Levine and Jesse Berger, recently announced development of a feature adaptation of its soon-to-debut graphic novel, Legends: The Enchanted, with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment. Radical is also adapting The Last Days of American Crime with Worthington attached to star in and produce as well as Oblivion, which is being developed with Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. Radical Publishing currently has 19 titles in circulation which are published in 7 countries, and a catalog containing more than 70 properties and 500 characters.

Worthington was hand-picked by filmmaker James Cameron to star as the lead in Avatar, which is now the highest grossing film of all time. The movie won the Golden Globe award for "Best Motion Picture-Drama" and was nominated for an Academy Award for "Best Motion Picture." In 2009, Worthington teamed up with Christian Bale and director McG in Warner Brothers' Terminator Salvation. Recently, Worthington wrapped The Fields for producer Michael Mann and director Ami Canaan Mann, co-starring with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He will next be seen in John Madden's The Debt, where he stars opposite Helen Mirren. The film will premiere at the 2010 Toronto Film Festival and will be released later this year.



C2F Quick Hits



SMALLVILLE's Return Date Set, Kent Back From the Dead

The CW have announced the start dates for their fall season including that for Smallville.

Look for the tenth and final season of the network's most successful show to begin on Friday, September 24 in the 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET timeslot.

In related news, IGN reports that actor John Schneider is returning to the show as Clark's father, Jonathan Kent. The character was killed off in season five, yet he shows up in the season premiere episode called "Lazarus." Schneider is committed to at least one more episode besides.

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Some Hype for Mark Millar's SUPERIOR and NEMESIS

Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's SUPERIOR on the cover of Wizard Magazine

In the wake of Kick-Ass Mark Millar touted a new comic venture between he and Leinil Yu. At the time he also said that Matthew Vaughn was working on the screenplay for the movie version, and that he will likely direct it as well.

Now, the project's name and primary character have been revealed on the cover of the latest Wizard Magazine. The book is called Superior and the primary character seems to be modeled on the Superman archetype, no doubt spun through Millar's subversive lens.

Millar's other new comic, currently in its second issue, is Nemesis. That's another one that was supposedly garnering tons of Hollywood interest. Back in April Millar claimed he was close to a deal with an A-list director whose name would be revealed in "a few weeks time".

Months later we're still waiting, but today, Millar told the readers on his message boards:

"This deal is just being inked and as the mods know I'm very, very happy with who has been chosen," Millar said of the mystery director. "He is awesome and I know that everyone here loves him. Yes, he's the biggest name I've worked with yet and he is keeping the costume. Another director suggested we don't and I walked. Because that's the gag... creating a frightening, iconic figure by messing around with something we trust, which is the superhero costume."

Yet, we still don't have a name.



Is Josh Hutcherson the new SPIDER-MAN?

Josh Hutcherson

The casting derby for director Marc Webb's new Spider-Man movie has been long and arduous. When it comes to the actor who will play Peter Park in the new movies, the rumor mill has offered up an unprecedented number of names, wish lists, top contenders and even "100% locks".

Which brings us to this week's Spidey casting rumor. A blog that we're not familiar with (but reportedly has a good reputation) called Blue Sky Disney is reporting that Sony has offered Josh Hutcherson the role and the actor has accepted. Many sites have picked up the story and are reporting it as fact.

Forgive our skepticism but we're going to need a bit more than an unsourced story coming from blogspot blog. We're not the only skeptics.

A report from Bleeding Cool (from former Slashfilm guy Brendon Connelly) acknowledges Blue Sky Disney's reputation, but claims their own sources refute the story.

CHUD also doubts. Their sources say that Hutcherson may be in the mix, but no offer has been extended to any actors. Furthermore, CHUD also reports that Hutcherson is is actaully a favorite to play Cyclops in X-Men: First Class, which would clearly conflict with the shooting schedule for Spider-Man.

The 17 year-old actor was recently seen in Journey to the Center of the Earth and is locked in for a sequel to that movie as well, which could provide further conflict for the Sony tent pole. His name was not on the recently reported list of "finalists".

Bear in mind too that this is the third time the rumor mill has offered up an unsourced claim that the role had been filled. Less than a month ago Bleeding Cool floated the rumor that Jamie Bell had all but landed the role. Back in April, HitFix claimed that Logan Lerman was "almost 100% locked."

We'll wait and see how the story plays out, but we're not counting Hutcherson in just yet.

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