Chinese Hero Vol. #06 (

By:Sakura Eries
Review Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Release Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Deadly Q level Face Card Assassins come after Hero and Wu Yuan!

Writer/Artist: Ding Kin Lau & Wing Shing Ma

What They Say
After heeding the Heavenly Umbrella Elder's advice, Jian finds the Heavenly Umbrella to uncover the secrets hidden within it and learns several new mysterious techniques. However, Jian's arrogance leads to the death of someone close to him...

Meanwhile, Wu Yuan has arrived in Shafe Town to find Lohan's friends, Luna and Lupin. But shortly after their introductions, Lupin is kidnapped by a mysterious vampire, who is one of the Q-level Face Card Assasins!

The Review!
Despite the enemy throwing everything short of the kitchen sink at them, Hero and his son are finally reunited and return to Chinatown. In the events leading up to their reunion, Hell's Gate suffers costly losses, and we learn why it is so determined to have Jian on their side. Overall, Hell's Gate comes across as a confusing entity. Their founder supposedly started the group to oppose evil, and Hero and Jian bear no grudge against them despite their attempts to strong-arm Jian into joining Hell's Gate. Yet halfway through the volume, Poison Master captures a hapless bystander and forces him through a tortuous transformation to suit his own needs. Considering their supposed stance against evil, the actions of Hell's Gate feel somewhat contradictory.

The second half of the volume focuses on Wu Yuan and the Q Level assassin that comes after him. The author weaves this arc such that we have a combination of Wild West, vampire, Gypsy, and hentai elements rolled together. If it weren't for the fact that the main characters possess such impossible abilities, the story would have derailed with so many fantastical elements crammed at once. DrMaster doesn't do the outlandish narrative any favors when its translation gets the names of two assassins and the gender of another mixed up. For those willing to stick with Wu Yuan on his mission, however, you'll be rewarded by a most improbable fight sequence involving beautiful women stripping. There's no nudity, but it's fanservice at its most blatant.

In Summary:
Vampires, bikers, cowboys, a deadly parent-child duo, and -- strippers? If nothing else, the spectrum of enemies in this volume varies widely. If you're into over-the-top characters and equally improbable martial arts techniques, you will definitely be entertained. However, the translation leaves much to be desired. One villain goes from being called a "he" to a "she" in mid-story arc.

Mania Grade: B-
Art Rating: A-
Packaging Rating: C-
Text/Translation Rating: A-
Age Rating: 13 and Up
Released By: DrMaster
MSRP: 18.95
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9781597961318
Size: A5
Orientation: Left to Right