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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, July 15, 2010
Release Date: Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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The second season of Strike Witches kicked off fairly well and decidedly reminiscent of the first season in that it was rather quiet and subdued. Most of the time was spent on having Yoshika and her friend talking about the future and then trying to get into contact with Mio to understand what's going on with the new apparent Neuroi threat. Unsurprisingly, the two end up getting back into the groove with each other and set out to Europe to see what they can do. Having a mystery letter from Yoshika's father only heightens the curiosity about it all and has her ready to head back to the front after so much quiet downtime and a return to normalcy.

With the first episode being so quiet, the second one largely focuses on the action. Their trip with Hijikata is uneventful for awhile, but as they get closer to Romagna the naval fleet they caught up with finds themselves under attack from one of these new Neuroi. Interestingly, the fleet thinks they can take it down with their weapons and they have a pretty good array of them. With no Witches attached to the fleet, it's all they can do since they can't exactly get away either. With Mio and Yoshika watching, it's amusing that Mio has had Yoshika rub off on her and she ends up being the daring one by taking one of the Strike units even though she doesn't have the ability to create a shield anymore and head out into battle.

The battle takes up the bulk of the episode and it's enjoyable to watch Mio and Yoshika work together to defeat it, though there are a few wrinkles along the way. A good part of the story is to showcase how Mio still has it in her even though she's turned twenty and lost some of her abilities. It's also to show that Yoshika has definitely gained more confidence in herself and that her skills have improved a great deal as well. It also doesn't hurt that they bring in all the Witches from the first season to help out and support the pair in their fight, thus bringing the show back to where it was close to the end of the first season before they thought they could do without the Witches.

In Summary:
Strike Witches doesn't break any new ground here though we do get a bit more of an idea about what to expect from the Neuroi that are now causing all the trouble. The focus here is all on the action and it works pretty good in that regard as we get Mio and Yoshika highlighted with the most screen time while the rest of the girls make their token appearances. Most of what it accomplishes is just to get us back to where we were for most of the first season, but it works nicely in that you get to see everyone and have that feeling of coming back to old friends you hadn't seen in awhile. The action is decent, the quicker regeneration of the Neuroi isn't that much of a surprise and getting the team back together brings a smile to your face. It's light and without all that much substance, but it's girls flying around in their panties so I'm not exactly asking for a whole lot to begin with.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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