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By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, July 15, 2010
Release Date: Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's brew!

What They Say
Professor Itsuki uses a rancid blast of fermented fish to drive unwanted visitors from his lab, and Sawaki relies on his special abilities to save his fellow classmates from a lethal salad!

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The opening episode of Moyashimon certainly set up an amusing show with the characters themselves as well as the various little creatures that are an obviously huge part of the show. Following Sawaki to an agricultural college where he's going to be surrounded by these guys, especially after his parents ship some to him, means that there'll be plenty of types to interact with. Having him getting involved with Professor Itsuki and his fermenting vat right from the start makes it even more amusing since there was a whole huge wave of little critters that overwhelmed him from the start.

Sawaki's earned himself quite a reputation from the start and especially with Itsuki's assistant, Hasegawa. With him pointing out that she has athletes foot, he hasn't exactly enamored himself with her. The bacteria absolutely adore her though as they point out that her feet are the best place to live. New to the cast is a freshman student of the professors named Hazuki who has arrived with a Hongeoheo that truly does stink and has numerous microbes with it. Watching it without Sawaki's point of view would be bad enough as everyone reacts badly to its putrid smell and the way it's fermented, but adding in Sawaki's perspective where we can see and hear the microbes, it adds a new dimension of amusement to all of it.

The initial focus of the episode is on Hasegawa's father who has arrived to give Itsuki grief about his work as well as the fact that he never intended or wanted to allow Hasegawa to go to graduate school. Having him accompanied by a sizeable amount of men in black adds a bit of fun to it since they're all exposed to the Hongeoeheo as well and you can see them practically wretching from it. Sawaki's finding himself spending time with the two guys who brought him to Itsuki's as he thinks they'll be good together, but Hasegawa is rightly concerned that they'll try to take advantage of his ability somehow, not that she believes in his ability.

Moyashimon goes above and beynd here, at least when it comes to the actors, as Sawaki's character gets to spend some amount of time with his arm up a horses ass. Literally. And through that we get to see the microbes rejoicing from it as they make their way out of the ass and up his arm, proudly calling him the "assman!" which alternately grosses you out and makes you laugh out loud. As much of a downside as this may be, there's a positive as well such as when they're about to eat lunch and he sees something dangerous inside the salad that the third year students made him. That it's a dangerous strain of E. Coli only solidifies his ability for some, but it continues to be something that he doesn't want to have or think about as it impacts his life constantly.

In Summary:
Every time I think the show can't get any cuter, it manages to do just that. And that it's doing it by using microbes is positively hilarious. When Hazuki goes through a disinfectant panic later in the episode and we see some of them dying, gaining angel wings and floating up to heaven, you just know the people making this are having fun. The CG continues to be very appropriate and regular throughout the show as it's bright, colorful and silly. Moyashimon is coming together in a way that's making me laugh out loud regularly while creeping me out at the same time. It's hard to imagine living like this with so many normal functions involving microbes like this, but there's also a fascination to it that could make you more in tune with the world. Moyashimon continues to intrigue me while making me laugh.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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