Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #04 (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Friday, July 23, 2010
Release Date: Friday, July 23, 2010

The coming together of the pieces continues on here as the mission is finally assigned.

What They Say
Lucile summons Sion to test his suitability as king. A wrong answer could be fatal. Ryner bides his time in prison studiously. Impressed by Ryner's research, the new king assigns Ryner and Ferris to seek the hero relics.

The Review!
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The Legend of Legendary Heroes has been a difficult watch in these first few episodes as the show opened to a potentially interesting episode and then went the flashback route for a couple to show how Sion, Ryner and Ferris all ended up coming together on their mission to seek out the hero relics. Some series can do their entire run within a flashback and pull it off while others have a difficult time doing just a couple of episodes before returning to the present. Legend of Legendary Heroes hasn't had a smooth flashback as it's felt like it's jumped around a bit and the characters unfortunately haven't been all that engaging in this form. Especially since Ryner seems so much more serious and generally unlikable in an odd way compared to how he was in the present.

A good chunk of this episode focuses on Ryner being stuck within prison style and it's a surprisingly dark piece. While prison sequences generally are drab in color with the blues and shadows, this one is dripping in shadows with large chunks given over to black entirely. There's a really nice sense about it as we have the flames going along outside one of the cells and it casts a really intriguing look to the whole thing. There's a lot of very heavy dark areas here that gives it all a more foreboding look in which Ryner lives as one of the guards talks on about the difficulties of life and so forth. It's contrasted by the more bright and full of life moments where we see him experiencing it, but when we come back to the nearly completely black screens for Ryner's time in the cell, it's very striking.

When Ryner finally finds himself on the outside as he attempts to keep his promise to Sion, he ends up running into Ferris who is actively seeking him out. The two engage in quite the fun little battle as she's completely serious and he has a bit of a lighthearted approach to fighting her, even when he's being completely serious about it. He has that roguish charm about him that allows him to not be completely serious all the time, even at very threatening moments. Yet Ferris' serious attitude and what she says to him is enough to draw him back with her to learn the truth behind what's brought her to him so that he can be properly hired to carry out what we know to be an interesting mission.

In Summary:
As a trio working towards a larger goal, Sion, Ryner and Ferris are definitely oddly matched. Having seen how they are in the present, their early time that brought them together was alright at best and very problematic at worst. These flashback episodes are the kind of material that can send someone away from the show as the second episode left me largely disinterested in a lot of ways, though holding out hope for it. With their relationship now fully explained, at least in its origins, the show will hopefully regain some of the energy it had at the start and move forward in a fun and engaging way with the main storyline. Surely there are hints of it in these flashbacks, flashbacks we usually get scattered throughout a series, so I'm curious to see how they're going to handle the remaining part of the series.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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