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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Friday, August 06, 2010
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Meet Walking Dead's bicycle girl. Plus: Green Lantern 2 already prepped for filming? Green Hornet plays musical chairs. Did bad blood keep Favreau away from The Avengers? More! It's your Comics2Film 10.8.6!




GREEN HORNET Plays Musical Chairs

The Playlist reports that composer Danny Elfman will not be scoring the Green Hornet movie as had been previously announced. Elfman is citing scheduling conflicts as the reason for his departure.

James Newton Howard is said to be in talks to replace Elfman on the project. Howard is, of course, well-known to C2F readers as half of the dynamic duo who scored Christopher Nolan's Batman movies.

As Green Hornet seems to be the red-headed stepson of the superhero movie scene there's a temptation to frame this report as "more bad news," but it seems like a pretty routine personnel change for a movie that isn't due out for another five months.



GREEN LANTERN 2 Ready to Roll?

Bleeding Cool reports a rumor, sourced only to New Orleans bar-room talk, which purports that Warner Bros. will go into production on Green Lantern 2 before the first movie even hits theaters next summer.

Apparently the studio is happy with what they've seen of the first movie that they're expecting big things. And if the first one does well, they'll supposedly extend the filming on the sequel to encompass a third film as well. The scheme would allow them to roll out three Lantern movies in three years, a much fast pace than most superhero epics.

Of course, BC cautions that this report is entirely derived from some open boasting by someone working on the current movie, overheard at a New Orleans bar, and that person may have been exaggerating, lying, drunk or any/all of the three.

If the report is true, it would certainly screw with Ryan Reynolds planned role in the Deadpool movie.



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Is There Bad Blood between Favreau and Marvel?

Although we've seen hints of it in the past, a new "insider" report from Cinema Blend suggests that the relationship between director Jon Favreau and Marvel Studios has soured quite a bit in the past year or so.

2008's Iron Man was a noteworthy success on many levels, two of which were that it cemented Marvel's status as a stand-alone studio and propelled Favreau to the A-list. And there's no downplaying Favreau's role in making that movie into a massive hit. The man "campaigned" for his audience for years prior to the film's release, showing up numerous conventions and trade shows and using the internet's emerging social media to win over his audience.

And yet, when it came time to talk sequels, the notoriously-frugal Marvel had trouble making an acceptable offer for the director to return. Negotiations got contentious to the point where, late 2008, Favreau started making some public insinuations to let the fans know Marvel was dragging its feet on the deal.

Of course, they signed him, but the Cinema Blend report goes on to describe a high degree of creative interference that came from Marvel on Iron Man 2. As was apparent to most critics and many fans, there were numerous moments in the film designed to build up to The Avengers that had little to do with the story of the film. Reportedly, Favreau was also unhappy with the aggressive production schedule, which forced him to roll cameras on the film with an incomplete script.

And for a time, Favreau seemed a likely candidate to direct The Avengers. Cinema Blend's insider claims that Favreau wanted that job very badly. However, Marvel didn't want to pay him at the same level they did for Iron Man 2. Instead they went with the less-expensive Joss Whedon who, understandably, has a huge fan base but very little practical experience directing feature films.

Cinema Blend's insider also suggests that Robert Downey Jr. is disenchanted with Marvel as well. He's locked in for The Avengers and Iron Man 3 but the insider says "chances are that will be his last movie."



Marvel Chief says Branagh Chased THOR

MTV Splash Page chatted with Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige about how director Kenneth Branagh came to be the director of Thor. The short answer? Persistence.

"He chased it pretty hard," Feige told MTV. "We had a number of good meetings, he flew himself over to meet with me, [and] we had a number of phone calls, a number of sessions — more meetings than I’ve had ever had with a director before we’d brought them on."

Like most people in the industry, Feige was well-aware of Branagh's Shakespearean pedigree, but was surprised by the degree to which he was a Thor fanboy.

"When you have someone who’s as talented as Ken is in one arena and bring him into another one, he is going to succeed," Feige said.

In related news, had a sit-down with screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz who talk about how they landed the gig, how Thor fits into the Marvel movie universe, the influences of Jack Kirby and Walt Simonson and more.

Give it a look:



Meet THE WALKING DEAD's Bicycle Girl!

AMC's official blog for The Walking Dead continues to pump out material hyping the October TV show based on Robert Kirkman's much-adored comics series.

The latest clip reel goes behind the scenes of the creation of the zombie known as "Bicycle Girl" -- ripped from the pages of the first issue as a near-skeletal living corpse. Special Effects Make-Up Designer Greg Nicotero explains to process of transforming an actress into an emaciated ruin of a human being, and shows you the three-hour plus make-up process through tame-lapse photography.



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