By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, August 12, 2010
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Heavy Metal OGN Last Man Standing gets a movie deal. PLUS: More on those Spider-Man villain rumors. More Scott Pilgrim hype. Better news for R.I.P.D. More! It's your Comics2Film 10.8.12!




Better News For R.I.P.D.

Yesterday we presented a dreary report for the Dark Horse movie R.I.P.D., which seemed to be without a director and had a question mark on whether or not leading man Ryan Reynolds would actually be able to find time to do the movie.

Today the 24 Frames blog at the L.A. Times has better news for the film project, based on the comic series created by TV and film producer Peter Lenkov. According to 24 Frames, RED director Robert Schwentke is a contender to sit in the directors chair for the film. Schwentke had previously been vying for the pic with McG, who temporarily landed the job. But McG recently bailed out on the project and Universal and Dark Horse are now apparently keen to sign Schwentke, especially with strong buzz on RED.

Because Reynolds is so busy with Green Lantern gearing up for a trilogy and Fox hot-to-trot on Deadpool, Universal wants a director in place now so the movie is fully prepped to roll when the actor has a break in his dueling superhero franchises next summer.

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Waltz is Not SPIDER-MAN's Villain

On Monday we reported on a rumor that Christoph Waltz was lined up to play the villain in Marc Webb's Spider-Man movie. We also reported on the rumor's dubious origins.

Now, SuperheroHype has checked with unnamed sources who they say are "inside the production" to ask if there's any truth to the rumor. The response: there is definitively no truth to this rumor.

So far the sole casting attachment is actor Andrew Garfield. The film is due out on July 3, 2012.



LAST MAN STANDING Gets a Movie Deal broke the news yesterday that the film rights to the upcoming Heavy Metal graphic novel Last Man Standing have been purchased by Paramount for development as a "multiplatform franchise property."

The comic was created by graphic artist and film designer Daniel LuVisi and features an array of characters that look like they'd be right at home in a Mortal Kombat style video game. You can find a collection of gorgeous artwork showcasing the characters a LuVisi's website as well as his Deviant Art site.

The central character of the story, which takes place 600 years in the future, is Gabriel. He's a kind of super-soldier who was engineered to fight in the war between Earth and Mars. After the war he's seen as a hero and celebrity until he's framed and sent to prison. He escapes and goes after the man who framed him, a guy called Dante who is the leader of a terrorist sect called Pandemonium.

Readers will get introduced to the graphic novel through a 230-page art book/series bible called LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter which sets up the characters and world of the comic while providing Gabriel's motivation for the actual graphic novel story.

Marc Evans, President of Production for Paramount apparently went after the concept in a big way. Scott Aversano will produce the movie with LuVisi. Executive producers are Stephan Lokotsch, Russell Binder, and Peter Levin.




Scott Pilgrim vs The World opens in theaters tomorrow. As you'd expect there's plenty o' hype to be found online...

We've got our own interview with vegan superhero/bass guitarist Todd Ingram, better known as actor Brandon Routh. Routh tells us about the movie and his hopes for the Superman franchise.

Next up: Edgar Wright talks to MTV about the fight prep for the movie, and reveals Michael Cera's boot camp nickname:

And then Zach Galifinackis disrupts an already-off-course interview with Matt Zaller, Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera...



Thursday Buh-Wha?

Bangladesh director Sohel Afgani Rana has something for you...

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