Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #08 (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Friday, August 20, 2010
Release Date: Friday, August 20, 2010

Miran continues to play at his game of manipulation with Sion as kingdoms become his plaything.

What They Say
Miran provokes mutiny in Roland's neighboring kingdom Estabul - the same kingdom that unleashed its Fifty Magic Knights on Sion's school troop years ago. The rebellion's leader, Lady Noa Ehn, faces the cruel reality of a life of politics.

The Review!
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Having seen what Miran got away with, politically and through the use of magic and force, in the previous arc, its' little surprise to see him courting something more this time around now that he's back in Roland. His nature has allowed him to manipulate events in the neighboring kingdom of Estabul, which is one that Sion likely has a level of distrust towards already considering they were the ones that sent the group of Magic Knights years ago against his school that he and Ryner had to deal with. Yet even seeing the practically open manipulations made by Miran, never mind that he dresses evil, Sion continues to utilize him and ends up in a land war against Estabul, though he at least uses someone different to command the action.

In using Claugh to lead the battle, Sion has some good hopes to it in that Claugh will be able to settle it with a minimum of loss of life, since he does things in a fairly calculated way. Watching him eliminate the commanding officer of the Estabul army like he does makes it so the rest of them will back off, since he's such a well known commodity. That act of brutality is one thing, but the way he manages things afterwards, trying to end further bloodshed, goes a long way towards making an impact on Lady Ehn about what Sion's intent is with dealing with the rebellion going on there. The treatment of the regulars, the citizens, is not where things are going to be a problem. But that won't stop some from taking things much further when talk of killing hostages starts becoming a reasonable course of action to highlight how serious they are.

Everything goes in an unusual direction though when Miran arrives at the castle that the rebellion is being led out of and he begins to kill everyone. Treachery abounds for the princess at the head of it as she watches those close to her killed and then a most trusted advisor becomes the worst by intending to kill her and pin all the lame on her so he can become a great hero. Having Claugh arrive in the mist of this, showing Miran's part in all of it, puts both him and the princess at risk though and it leaves things in a position where someone must die in order for secrets to be kept. Unless the princess can find a way to create a middle ground that works for both sides, even if it's at her expense.

In Summary:
The focus on events in Estabul is interesting, but much of it feels like it's a rushed storyline crammed into a single episode to move a particular plot point forward. With there being a connection to the past, that helps to tie it in and it's interesting to see Miran taking a more direct hand once again in events. Sion's focus on events is minimal but he has a nice bit of minor exposition about why he's done what he's done. What's lacking here is any significant material involving Ryner and Ferris as we only get a minor nod from them at the start. The political side is certainly brutal as we see throughout this episode, but the story and compact nature of what's being told leaves this feeling like rushed filler material almost, though you hope that it will have larger importance as the series goes on. The Legend of Legendary Heroes didn't leave me wanting more at the end of this episode, though I liked the overall fleshing out of what's going on in Roland and its upper echelon.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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