Uraboku Episode #20 (of 24) (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010
Release Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010

With only a few more episodes to go, Uraboku slowly but surely is getting to the point.

What They Say
Deeply concerned for his master Takashiro, Fuyutoki feels frustration with his inability to do anything but simply wait. Inspired by his words, Yuki disobeys Takashiro's orders and leaves the mansion to search for Luka. Meanwhile, Reiga summons Kuroto and Senshiro's nemesis Cadenza and vigilantly watches for an opporunity to attack the Giou Clan.

The Review!
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With the recent introduction of those working for Reiga, such s Cadenza in the previous episode, there's a sense of things coming together, albeit in the kind of stilted and awkward way that has punctuated most everything in this series. Yuki's continuing to take on the pain of others for himself since he's so empathic with them while those under Reiga are itching to start in on their plans so they can let loose with their powers and the pain they want to inflict. Or how they want to capture Zess for very different reasons.

The action does hit in this episode in a fairly decent way as Cadenza makes an open attack on everyone, with his first encounter being that of Kuroto and Senshiro. The two have been itching for a fight themselves based on what we've seen in their past so Cadenza arrives at the right time for just about everyone involved. It's a nicely elegant fight, much as you would expect for a show like this with breathless young men facing off against an older and more refined man who has quite the uniform. The two young men have the enthusiasm and drive to face a General Class Opast, but they don't have the skills to handle it and it goes badly for them as Yuki watches on from a distance.

Though predictable, Cadenza is once again an interesting villain from an aesthetic point of view. He does the things you'd expect, talking too much, not eliminating his opponents without toying with them first which leads to a chance for them to survive, but he has all the right elements otherwise that makes him fun to watch even as he does these stupid things. He's backed up by power and pride and that combined with quite the physical appearance both in his actual looks and costume leaves him as an engaging villain. There's also something about his voice that adds a good bit more of menace to it which is the right accent needed. In all honesty, I'd rather have a whole series about Cadenza at this point.

In Summary:
Uraboku has had some interesting moments recently where we've learned more of the past from Takashiro with that's going on with the Giou clan. Unfortunately, that's been the only interesting thing as all the background with got on Kuroto and Senshiro was done for new characters so that we'd be invested in their fight against Cadenza. Sadly, the short time that we've gotten to know them on top of the already sizable cast has left me disinterested in them since their arc was so easily plotted out. And that essentially is my feelings in general on the series at this point. I twent along well enough for awhile, but hit so many slow areas and then felt like it wanted to just introduce more people rather than tell a story that it became less and less interesting. This episode just cements that more, if not for Cadenza.

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