X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Details Revealed (Mania.com)

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Monday, August 23, 2010
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Singer reveals X-Men: First Class details. Plus: More alien Green Lantern characters revealed. Fantastic Four casting rumors. Munroe responds to unofficial Dylan Dog trailer and more!




Box Office: No Rebound for SCOTT PILGRIM

We're a bit disheartened to report that our favorite comic-based movie of 2010, Scott Pilgrim vs The World did not enjoy a second week rebound as we had hoped. In spite of generally positive reviews and good word-of-mouth from fans and bloggers, the movie dropped another five places in spite of a very weak showing from competing movies across the board.

Five new films opened with the best of them, Vampires Suck, logging only $12.2 million in ticket sales. The top draw was The Expendables which took in $16.5 million.

In spite of the weak competition Scott Pilgrim still only managed to scrounge Ramen Noodle money with its $5 million take boosting its two-week cum to around $21 million.

Details can be found at Mania's box office report.



C2F Quick Hits

Hopefully everyone saw these news stories that were posted while C2F took Friday off:

And in other news...



Munroe Responds to Unfinished DYLAN DOG Footate

Last Tuesday, fans saw some extensive footage from Dylan Dog: Dead of Night in the form of an online "trailer". C2F cautioned readers that this had all the fingerprints of a sales reel and we can expect the film to look a lot more polished. Turns out we were right on the mark.

Posting on the film's official blog, Platinum Studios creative executive Dan Forcey expressed exasperation over the unfinished footage.  Then, via Facebook, director Kevin Munroe responded in even greater detail. The footage, it seems, is in fact a sales bit that was leaked from Russian markets where it was made available to theater owners. The director writes:

...cut to 3 days ago when a text at night saying "hey - cool DD trailer!" sent a similar shiver down my spine.

So I go to the internet to find that not only is it true that a "trailer" was released, but it was through yet another Russian site. I get it. I must have wronged some Russian dude in a past life and this is the payback.

But it gets worse, as I quickly discover that not only is the trailer not a trailer (it's an international sales piece for international buyers and theatre owners. Not exactly the same crowd we made the movie for.), but it's also UNFINISHED. It's not color timed, and it has NO VFX work... or worse yet, temp VFX work. One of the big monsters looks like a big blue satanic Smurf. And he ain't. And that voice over? It's like a bad Dan LaFontaine impression...

Just so you know, I'm not trying to defend it. I'm not apologizing for it. It just... sucks.

In addition to all the rough edges of the trailer, Munroe goes on to mention that the general tone that's portrayed is all wrong. Foreign markets tend to favor action movies from the U.S. so the sales piece is tailored to that.

But the difference between Expendables and Dylan Dog is that... well, Dylan Dog isn't that kind of movie. So when they try to sell it as that, it just looks so... cheap. (again, shitty presentation notwithstanding). And not true to the spirit of the movie.

So thanks for your patience and understanding. We're almost there.

Anyway, producers are doing everything they can to make sure the world sees a trailer for our movie the way it should be seen...

...not sucky.

And it's not representative of our movie. At all.

Click through for Munroe's complete remarks, which are humorous in spite of the difficult spot this puts the movie in. And expect a proper trailer to arrive sooner rather than later.

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X-MEN Details Revealed

Ain't it Cool got a chance to chat with filmmaker Bryan Singer, producer of the soon-to-film X-Men: First Class movie. Cameras roll on the film next week and Singer wanted to set the record straight on the numerous rumors floating around, and also give some new details.

Click through for the complete report.

What do you think, Maniacs? Are we excited about X-MEN: FIRST CLASS? Post your comments below...

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There's a trailer up for the Japanese-language movie based on the boxing-oriented manga and anime series Ashita No Joe. Enjoy!

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