Heroman Episode #22 (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010
Release Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010

Siblings of different ages tend to carry very different memories of their parents and that can ause quite a strain.

What They Say
After Psy is injured, Joey tries to search for answers about what being a hero really means. He always looked up to his dad, who sacrificed himself in a coal mining accident to save a great number of people, and everyone in the town holds Brian Carter Jones as a hero to be looked up to. Except for Holly, that is. Holly asks Joey to answer the question "What is a hero?" and Joey tries to find the answer. Meanwhile, Will pays a visit to Lina, and warns her to stay away from Joey...

The Review!
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The idea of heroes has been a central part of this series from the start with Joey wanting to be just that and getting an opportunity to do so. What's been interesting about it is that not only has he been a controlling figure over the main hero of the series, Heroman, but he's also had a number of heroic moments himself. Rather than keep completely to the sidelines and just ordering Heroman around, he's managed to get out into the action pretty often and put himself at risk as well. Whether he realizes it or not, he's done a good job of defining himself as a hero, even as he's being asked just what is a hero. And for Joey, a lot of that comes naturally because of his father.

Through a flashback, tinted through Joey's eyes, we learn of a mining accident years ago where his father ended up being the rallying voice in keeping people alive but he was also the one who sacrificed himself so the others could live. There are many in town who remember him very well because of this and that's something that really warms Joey's heart because of his love for his father. Which contrasts the existing family situation that Lina has as she's still very concerned about Will, who has actually come to visit her in the middle of the night to check on things at the house. He won't return fully, and that haunts her. Even more so because her father has now said to no longer concern herself about him because Will is dead. Will's disappearance and presumed death during the Skrugg invasion has driven a strong wedge in the family that isn't going to be easily repaired.

Holly's side of the family story is a mixed bag when she finally talks about it with Joey, but the fact that she talks about it helps her get past it and indicates that she is ready to do so. While Joey saw his father as a hero who saved others, Holly saw him as a man who didn't keep his promise to return and a man who sacrificed himself and wouldn't be able to protect his own family anymore which made her angry. And she felt very strongly about how this impacted their mother and the way she never cried in front of either of the children right up until she died herself. They do tie everything together nicely when it all plays out and while the episode is largely a quiet character building piece, it's one that works pretty well since they force Holly to actually act her age a little bit and it allows Joey to really understand her when it comes to it.

In Summary:
Heroman is rather absent from this episode but it's the kind of show that doesn't need him here to make it work. The show is all about the human characters this time around and it does a rather nice job of explaining some, but not all, of the family background for Joey while making the problems that Lina has a bit more apparent. It's the piece that ties a few things together for Joey where it solidifies him and his position with things that makes him man up rather nicely while giving us some interesting potential for the future. IT also manages to bring Lina and Joey closer together in a good way, but one tempered with a bit of sadness. With some of the awkward episodes and arcs we've had as of late, this one is definitely a welcome one.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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