Shiki Episode #08 (

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010
Release Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nothing says friendship like digging up someone's grave to make sure they're really dead.

What They Say
Natsuno and his accomplices open Megumi's grave to test their theory. Meanwhile, the doctor's recent remarks have Seishin pondering about the young girl from the Kanemasa mansion.

The Review!
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With the concept of the undead now becoming more accepted among those who are dealing with what's going on in the village, Natsuno and a couple of others are set to dig up Megumi's grave as he desperately wants proof one way or the other that the thing that's haunted him is either her or something else. With the trio working out in the forest to unearth her casket, it gets properly moody as Natsuno breaks into it to discover that it's completely empty. The knowing of the truth is what he needed more than the others in a way so he can figure out a course of action. But their act has drawn attention and Kaori is quickly taken away before they know what's happened.

The blatant actions of the okiagari are surprising considering the way they've acted so far, but with so many people dying and more of the living hiding in fear, they're getting more comfortable in acting brazen like this. Natsuno and the others discover an interesting bit about the guy who surprised them and that he's much like Megum is, with the hold and undead feeling, but what they do to him isn't enough to actually stop him. And that just means that they're leaving one more person out there that will have an even more significant issue with them now and will likely cause them more trouble.

With this side of the story progressing, we also get some fallout from the discussion between Toshio and Seishin as what the good doctor has said is sinking in on him. Remembering the conversations he's had with the girl from Kanemasa, he's starting to put a bit more belief behind what Toshio has come up with though there's still an element of uncertainty to him. The nature of the girl and where she's from has him naturally suspicious now and it comes at the same time that Natsuno is putting the numbers together and wondering just how many of these undead there may be out there and how they can be fought back against. The tension is rising but there's some relief to it in a way because of the things that are now clearer having discovered that Megumi's body is gone. That mystery is at least a little solved and it's odd how it becomes a relief.

In Summary:
Shiki doesn't exactly have an off episode here, but it does have a bit of a lull in general because it doesn't make much progress overall. It also feels odd because there weren't any new deaths to be added to the list whereas it seemed like every episode prior to this had someone dying. The grave digging sequence is fun though and it provides for a bit of the action, but the dialogue moments are intriguing as well and I love just how mysterious the ending gets as Natsuno has someone coming to visit him who could change the way this plays out. Shiki continues to be the most engaging of series I'm watching in simulcast mode right now because it's the most unpredictable about where it's going to go and this episode leaves me wondering even more.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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