Clash of the Titans Game Review (

By:Tim Janson
Review Date: Saturday, August 28, 2010


Clash of the Titans is based on the recent remake of the classic Greek mythology film. Red flags go up immediately with the title as it was released several months AFTER the film instead of coinciding with the theatrical release which is usually the norm. When films are delayed its usually not a good sign so the delay in the videogame for a bad film doesn’t bode well. At Clash’s core it is a “God of War” clone but lacks that series’ gorgeous graphics and terrific gameplay.
The developers incorporated an interesting twist which allows Perseus to steal his enemies weapons and special attacks. The result is a staggering arsenal of some 80 different weapons in all. It’s a fun potpourri that includes scythes, scorpion stingers, bows, magical powers, etc…The problem is that many of them are so similar in nature/power that it doesn’t feel like there’s much uniqueness to them. Even worse, despite this impressive array, your standard sword is going to suffice most of the time, rendering most of the weapons useless. This has become an annoying trend in a lot of games recently. Dante’s Inferno offered a huge number of combo attacks but again, Dante’s main weapon did the job just fine. 
This weapon-seize system is horrendously clunky and annoying. You find yourself constantly swapping out weapons off the menu because they can only be upgraded by performing another steal. You’ll find one use for a weapon and then you’re putting it back in inventory and grabbing another weapon as you can only equip four at a time. Sticking to your sword is your best bet for the most part.
The main “plot” involves Perseus waging war against his estranged father Zeus and the rest of the Gods and dispatching all manner of mythological beasties along the way. Perseus’ life, weapons, and abilities are powered by gathering the souls of life force of the enemies he kills. The combat system is as glitchy as the weapon selection…You are constantly surrounded by multiple enemies but switching to a new target is cumbersome and loses your orientation, often making you have to constantly re-target an enemy.
Outside of hacking and slashing enemies, Clash of the Titans offers little challenge. There are a wide variety of side quests but these become monotonous after a while and serve only to add padding to the game. These involve finding food and items but it’s strictly filler material. Should you put in the MANY hours that it will take to finish the game, you can play co-op with a friend…if you have a friend you particularly dislike and want to torture. There is a Challenge Mode that allows you to take on individual missions that you already completed during the single-player campaign. 
The graphics are average at best…while the game moves with a fair amount of fluidity, the visuals are jagged and look dated. Definitely not up to par with even the average PS3 game. The voice acting was hollow and stony as one of Medusa’s victims. The one saving grace was a dramatic musical score but that’s hardly enough to raise the grade. 
Bottom line…Clash of the Titans the video game is as ill-conceived as the big screen remake. While the game COULD have been a decent God of War wannabe, the poor design dooms it from the word go. Rent it if you must, but save your $60 for something else.

Mania Grade: D+
Game: Clash of the Titans
Platform: Playstation 3
Publisher: Namco