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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Monday, September 20, 2010
Source: Mania

More Smallville reveals and teases in new promos. Plus: Urban talks Dredd movie. Whedon on Avengers movie. Reynolds and Lively talk Green Lantern and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.9.20!




Karl Urban Says DREDD Will Keep His Helmet On

Empire Online caught up with rising genre star Karl Urban (Star Trek, Priest, RED, etc) to chat with him about playing one of the UK's most iconic comic book characters Judge Dredd.

"Alex Garland has done a fantastic job of writing a script that's faithful to the world [John Wagner] created, yet completely fresh in its execution," Urban said.

He also talked about the previous attempt to launch a movie franchise around the character, which found Sylvester Stallone playing the lead and the filmmakers shunning the character's trademark helmet.

"As soon as he took his helmet off the enigma was blown. Our film is going to be darker in tone, and we've got the benefit of modern filmmaking and technology to help us," Urban said, adding that he's not worried about having his face covered for much, if not all, of the movie. "You're taught as an actor that if you take away the eyes you have to think about what you're left with - there's the voice; there's body language. How a character does what he does speaks volumes. So those are the tools I will have to employ."

Production on Dredd, which enjoyed mega-pre-sales at the Toronto International Film Festival, begins in ten weeks in South Africa.

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Whedon Says Marvel Trusts His AVENGERS Vision

When Joss Whedon first started talking to Marvel about The Avengers, there was already a script in place and he didn't really care for it.

"When they showed it to me I said 'But this doesn’t work for me, I would do something different.' And they said, 'Well tell us what you would do,' and now I’m doing it," the filmmaker told audiences at an appearance at the Melbourne Writers' Festival, which has been transcribed by Superhero Hype.

While he wouldn't give out story specific, he did liken the process to the one he enjoyed developing Buffy for The WB.

"They’re very trusting at Marvel. It’s kind of like, in the early days of the WB, when you know, I came back to my agent and said, it was really different, really interesting," Whedon said. "they respected what I was talking about, they listened to me and they really let me have my own way – and yeah, they have no idea what I’m doing! Marvel they do actually know, they know exactly what they want to do, but they don’t mind a film maker making his film in the service of what it is they want to do, they’re not trying to press me into something that isn’t me, which is really gratifying."

He also talked about the progression of the superhero movie. He was initially a skeptic of trying to translate comics to film, but movies like Spider-Man changed his mind. He says that he's a bit trouble that, from there, we've arrived quickly at the post-modern, deconstructionist stage, where movies like Watchmen and Kick-Ass live and breath.

"We’re taking the comic book movie for granted, now we want to see what’s behind it. I’m like 'Whoa-whoa-whoa! Wait a minute!' First I want to see an awesome movie about superheros that are awesome, that I really care about the whole time, I haven’t seen enough of those. I don’t want to deconstruct it yet! First I want to construct it," Whedon said.

The Avengers is due to arrive in theaters in 2012.



Two New Promos for SMALLVILLE Reveal New Stuff

Two new promos for the 10th season of Smallville have arrived on YouTube courtesy of foreign markets. The teasers reveal glimpses of the cool stuff we'll see as the series goes out with a bang, including: Clark jumping off buildings in prep for flight, encounters with a bald guy who looks to be Lex Luthor, Chloe putting on the the Fate helmet, Clark lifting the Daily Planet globe. Then there's a new look at the costume, which does appear to be very much in the style of the Superman Returns suit, espectially with the plastic shield on the front.

Smallville debuts on The CW on Friday, September 24th at 8pm.

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