FUNimation Talks Date Changes (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FUNimation is having a bit of fun at its own expense as they have a new video, as seen below, showcasing the true conspiracy behind several release date changes that are now in effect for a few of their titles. Eden of the East, Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU, the second Hetalia set and both Slayers Blu-ray releases are seeing delays into the middle and end of October from their original dates. The video shows FUNimation's Justin Rojas slowly going insane as everyone seemingly knows about this and can't understand why he's not aware of it, especially as he was the one who told others. Clips like this, in my opinion, do a whole lot to humanize the company and the people within it while having a bit of fun. We've seen a few similar clips in the past few months and hopefully they'll continue with more small creative approaches like this going forward.

And it should be noted that while the Slayers Blu-ray anime dates are now set for 10/19/2010, FUNimation included a link in their YouTube page to Amazon showing the new dates and both Slayers sets are listed as in stock already. And it's likely accurate as we just got in our final review copies last night as well.


Lately, there seems to be some strange things happening in the FUNimation office. Not only have the release dates changed for Eden of the East, Hetalia, Slayers and Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU, but the stuff on my desk has moved around too. The more I try to find out more information, the more confused I get. It seems like everyone else around here knows what's going on but me. It's like there's some kind of . . .

Eden of the East - The Complete Series on DVD and Blu-ray 10.19.10
Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU on DVD and Blu-ray 10.12.10
The Slayers REVOLUTION & EVOLUTION-R on Blu-ray 10.19.10
Hetalia: Axis Powers - Season Two on DVD 10.26.10

Series: Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU, Slayers, Eden of the East, Hetalia