Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #13 (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Friday, September 24, 2010
Release Date: Friday, September 24, 2010

The politics of war continues, though the impact on the little people is a trending focus once again.

What They Say
The king of the Gastark Empire continues aggressive tactics of invasion, claiming that he is waging wars to ultimately end the fighting. The vicious Sui and Kuu track Ryner and Ferris down again, inciting another battle.

The Review!
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Understanding where characters come from is an important part of every show, especially when there are a few different characters with very different histories to them. The Legend of Legendary Heroes spent quite a bit of time showing us with Sion and Ryner came from early on, almost to the detriment of the series considering the length of the flashback and having it occur so early on, so it's not a surprise to see other characters get fairly well detailed. This episode gives us some time with Kiefer, who we saw meeting up with Sion and Ryner back in the academy days, and we get a clearer idea of the hardships she suffered until she went into the academy. Her life certainly can't be called easy considering what she saw at a young age when it comes to death, but she's progressed well even if she does have a hard barrier around her.

The war side of the show with Gastrak dealing with the invasion is similar to previous instances of war and politics that the show has dealt with. It's all big and epic, but it lacks that kind of connection to make it work. The battle has a lot of good moments, much as we've seen elsewhere with beautiful choreography, but the heart of it all just isn't there. It has an atmosphere that works and there's a great feeling of epicness about it, but outside of Kiefer's connection to it, which is really tenuous at best overall, it's a piece that's there but doesn't' resonate. For Kiefer, it's a key piece of her background and who she is, but it's weak in how it was executed.

What often saves an episode of this series is watching what Ryner and Ferris do. They're pretty out of things for a lot of this episode until the final few minutes when Sui and Kuu manage to track them down. And like any kind of typical piece of fiction, they go for a bit of discussion and introductions once again before going into the intense fight. Ryner and Ferris have managed to connect a bit more with each other in the last few episodes so watching them go at the others works rather well, but something about the whole setting is a bit unnatural as it takes place as the sun sets. It's the kind of fight, while decent, seems like something doesn't sit well with it. It's almost a filler fight in how it comes across.

In Summary:
The Legend of Legendary Heroes remains a series with a lot of promise and potential but continues to be very uneven in its overall execution. There's several interesting characters to be had here and the two main storylines have strong points to them, but the path that it's taking has them too far apart from each other, even though we know where it all started from and where it could go. Because of this, episodes like this one while having some decent material to it, has the flavor of being filler in the end. I really want to like this series, but it seems like every episode fights against me on this.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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