Blessing of the Campanella Episodes #10 (

By:G.B. Smith
Review Date: Friday, September 24, 2010
Release Date: Friday, September 24, 2010

After the dramatic standoff between Aberdeen and Leicester, we have a brief calm before the storm, with Minette making pizza and taking a bath. 

What They Say
Salsa and Ritos volunteer to investigate the El anomaly, so that Oasis can focus on Minette. Unfortunately, they soon learn that Minette may have placed herself directly - and willingly - into enemy hands!

The Review!
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Picking up from where we left off, Aberdeen and Avril are in the Oasis house, holding Miriam, who has been revealed to be his little sister, turned into an automaton since her real body was in poor health. But the disturbances in the flow of El in the world have made her continued existence problematic, and she needs a new core, one that can handle the fluctuation in the flow of El in the world. We know of one core, the anima perla, that can regulate El flow but, of course, that is what is keeping Minette alive. Without it, she's dead. Nothing gets resolved now, as Aberdeen takes his sister with him and leaves, though Miriam herself says that she will not agree to taking Minette's core to keep herself alive.

The next morning, the gang regroups to decide what to do. They know that they need to protect Minette, since Aberdeen is pretty desperate. To ease things for the Oasis Clan, the Tortilla Sisters, who were stalking...I mean watching last night's events, come and offer to take up the task of investigating the El anomalies, leaving Oasis free to protect Minette. The group decides to just keep Minette at home, as everyone can be there to watch over her.

After lunch, while Agnes and Minette play on the beach, the rest of Oasis and Chelsea discuss the steps they are taking, with the Sacred Knights being asked to search for Aberdeen, while Carina has asked her father to also look into the matter. With all of this seriousness, it's time to lighten the mood. So, it's bath time! Agnes and Minette, having gotten dirty playing on the beach, head for the bath, where...we have a serious conversation, with Agnes being sad that she has no idea what Aberdeen is thinking, and that she cannot help Oasis more. She feels like a burden to Leicester and the others. After bath time, Minette hangs out with Leicester, watching him work.

Salsa and Ritos set out to track the anomaly, and have a lead, as it has been reported that a strange form of El has been sighted in a city to the west. On their trip, however, the train is stopped after the appearance of a massive energy flow in the distance. It looks pretty bad, since Ritos, the emotionless one, seems rather worried by the situation. Back in town, Minette herself seems worried, worried for her friend. After dark, she wanders out into town by herself, coming to the roof of the cathedral without letting Leicester or the others know. While looking at the stars, Shelley comes along. Minette seems a little uncertain about her next action, and perhaps wants a word of advice from Shelley. Shelley then gives a nice little speech about how everyone only thinks about themselves, as is natural, but don't always think about how others feel.

So, Shelley, who has figured out what Minette intends, basically asks her to think for a moment before proceeding. Think at least what Leicester's reaction would be to her intended plans. They have a good little talk, after which Minette seems determined to follow through on her idea of helping Miriam. As we end, Minette finds Aberdeen in town. Leicester, perhaps having a premonition, suddenly goes in search of Minette and when she is nowhere to be found, he runs out of the house in a panic (as Shelley had predicted he would). We leave it there.

In Summary:
After the high drama of the ending of the previous episode, we have part of an episode of fun, with Minette helping to make lunch followed by some romping on the beach. Of course, if one is going to get wet, expect a visit to the bath afterward. That fun and service, however, is left rather hurriedly as the mood takes a 180-degree turn back into serious drama, with Minette secretly resolving to go and help Miriam, without any thought of what Leicester might feel. Before she finally sets out on her plan, however, she is met by Shelley. But instead of stopping her, Shelley merely asks her to think about all of the consequences her decision will have on the people she loves and who love her. Having thought about it, she decides to go and help Miriam regardless of the reaction of Leicester and others. When Leicester notes that she is gone, he goes into a frantic search for her. Things look headed for a dramatic conclusion.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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