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By:G.B. Smith
Review Date: Friday, October 01, 2010
Release Date: Friday, October 01, 2010

Minette has run off, intending to give up her core to save Miriam's life. Leicester and the rest of Oasis rush around frantically trying to find her. As Leicester and Carina head towards Minette's likely location, Avril suddenly appears to stop them. A battle looms ahead, but this is not even the real challenge that they will all soon face.

What They Say
Leicester battles Aberdeen while Carina takes on Avril! However, a shocking discovery puts both sides in danger: the El anomaly is worse than previously thought - and it could mean the end of the world!

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It was a dark and stormy night. At least, that's how they start this episode, with the sound of thunder and clouds gathering. We then come to Aberdeen's house, where Minette has decided to willingly give over her core to save Miriam's life, though she makes it clear that she is doing this for her own reasons, and not for Miriam's sake alone. Aberdeen, for his own selfish reasons of course, is quite happy with her decision, though Minette thinks that Miriam will likely be upset.

Leicester, meanwhile, rushes through the town looking for her. Carina, flying on her magic stick, offers Leicester a ride and also uses her magic to scan for Minette's core. On the way to the forest where Minette is, the pair are intercepted by Avril, who tries to stop them. Carina sends Leicester ahead using her magic while she holds off Avril. Of course, Avril is very hard to fend off, so the fight is quite hard for Carina to handle. It is extremely hard since Avril appears to have a special weapon at her disposal, a battle artifact.

Leicester manages to get to Aberdeen's house, but it's not so easy just because he has found it. For Aberdeen is also quite skilled in battle, has magic, and also employs a battle artifact (he notes that he and Avril have them embedded in their bodies). During this confrontation, Aberdeen seems to have the better of it, but then Minette comes running out of the house, asking them to stop fighting. Leicester asks her to get out of the way, and though Minette is worried about a scolding, Leicester says that since she came up with her own answer, he won't scold her for running off and trying to do something that would upset him. Leicester then uses his own secret technique, unleashing his weapon on Aberdeen causing a massive explosion. The attack doesn't finish off Aberdeen, but it does have the effect of ending the battle (though it looks as if it nearly killed Leicester).

After that, it must be time for everyone to be friends, so we get all sorts of speeches about selfish desires and wanting to be around with everyone. How (*gag*) sweet. Of course, it must then be time for Miriam to come out and make her own little speech about her desires, to be followed by the requisite group hug.

At this moment, however, Garnet appears and tells everyone who has gathered at Aberdeen's house to rush back to the Oasis headquarters, as something really big is going on. Once back, they hear the report from the Tortilla Sisters, who have returned from their fact finding mission about the El anomaly problem. It appears that the flow of El in the world has completely gone berserk and Garnet says that if the flow does not get back to normal, it will result in Armageddon. So, it appears that they all have to make a trip to the Hooded Waterwheel, the mysterious artifact that Mizeh Altworth, the teacher of both Aberdeen and Agnes, was investigating. As a side benefit for Miriam, it is the unstable flow of El that has been causing her problems, so solving the larger El regulation problem will probably result in ending the problems with her core, making her "healthy" again. Thus, it looks like they will be able to count on Aberdeen and Avril helping them in this quest.

In Summary:
While we get a fight between Avril and Carina as well as a battle between Leicester and Aberdeen, those two confrontations, the outcome of which would seem to decide Minette's, and Miriam's, fate, the contests themselves do not reach a final conclusion, except that Leicester seems to convince Aberdeen of the futility of their fighting. In the end, the conflict was meaningless, as an even greater threat to everyone approaches: the regulation of El in the world has gone so completely out of whack that Garnet, always sensitive to El, states flat out that if it is not fixed, it will be the end of the world. So, it looks like everyone will have to join forces in order to repair the balance, otherwise no one will be safe.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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