Iron Man Anime Opening And Closings Revealed (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Monday, October 04, 2010

While Marvel and others are still working out the details presumably to bring this series to the US markets with a full dub, the show is getting out there overseas and the opening and closing sequences from the new Iron Man anime series are now online. With production by Madhouse, these definitely do not look like what we see with the proof of concept trailers from last year, which gives hope that the Wolverine series will look far different from the one we saw before. As noted by Rob Worley over at the Comics2Film side of Mania, this version definitely hews a lot closer to what we've seen in the theatrical movies from the last few years and in my humble opinion, outshines everything Marvel has been doing for the last several years with their animated properties which have been across the board disappointments to me, particularly in comparison to the DC Universe titles, both their standard line and their special properties that dealt with anime such as the Gotham Knights release or the Animatrix.

What say you, anime fans, would you give this one a gander considering it's US origins?


Series: Iron Man Anime