Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode #15 (Mania.com)

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Friday, October 08, 2010
Release Date: Friday, October 08, 2010

Ryner and Ferris continue to be a good and bad combination together, especially when they cause themselves to be shipwrecked for the most part.

What They Say
Ryner and Ferris get lost at sea. After they wash up on land, they set out to assassinate the king who caused all their troubles.

The Review!
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The journey side of the series with Ryner and Ferris making their way across the lands has them now making their way across the seas. And much like their land bound journeys, it does not go well in the slightest. So much so that the two are effectively booted off the ship after a battle and are floating along on a raft together, complete with polar opposite stories about what actually happened to get them in that situation. Thankfully, the two of them do have a certain charm together and seeing them both plot ways to kill Sion, of whom they hold all of this responsible for, is certainly amusing. But the episode cannot survive on a raft alone and it doesn't take long for a storm to sweep them onto the land.

This episode ends up turning into a bit of a gag about Ryner going off to kill Sion and it has Milk and the others trying to stop him along the way. It's a kind of smattering of action and silliness that works to some degree in that you can laugh along at the antics of it all, and the way Milk goes chasing after Ryner to try and stop him without any violence. But it's also the kind of episode that again feels out of place in the larger scheme of things. Misunderstandings are the order of the day in a way, but a lot of it comes down to the way that Ryner is kind of a mental midget at times and forgets what he's actually intent on doing because other things distract him. The fact that he tries to stop other assassins from killing Sion when he could have achieved his goal by letting them do it sort of slips past him.

The show does spend some time with Sion as he grapples with the issues surrounding Gastrak that his kingdom is facing there and even Miran gets a bit of screen time in explaining out some of it though you have to wonder what villainy he's up to in particular. I do find myself liking Sion and his arc overall, but like Ryner's arc neither gets the proper attention or pacing to making it work. When the two do get together briefly, something that hasn't happened for a bit, it's interesting to see the way the pair are very relaxed and open around each other because of their pasts. Naturally, any conversation the two have will go in interesting directions about some of the subcurrents of the series, but when it gets crashed by Milk and Ferris, it only turns out even worse for Ryner. What makes it work though, even briefly, is that we get that moment of real honest and simplicity out of Sion that really makes him come across as human.

In Summary:
With yet another episode of the Legend of Legendary Heroes, things happen that likely have some merit but it's hard to ferret out what it is that's meaningful. There's the bookends of darkness here in the form of Miran and his various plans, but so much of the episode seems like fun fluff without any true importance to it. It is welcome to see Ryner back with Sion for a bit since the two have a good friendship, but once again I'm finishing an episode of this series wondering exactly what it is that it wants to tell for a story. It's lacking any real clarity at this point in an episode by episode context to really make it something you want to come back to week after week. There's fun to be had here, and it sort of distracts from the usual problems, but only until you start to think about it again.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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