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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Thursday, October 14, 2010
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Is Tom Hardy Batman's Villain? Plus: Is the Lizard Spider-Man's Villain? Is Zod Superman's Villain? Is Hamm going to be Superior's hero? More! It's your Comics2Film 10.10.14!




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In case you missed it: we posted 16 images from this Friday's episode of Smallville. "Homecoming" is the show's 200th episode and features James Marsters as Brainiac 5.0

Hollywood Reporter piece detailing the 2011 slate of films from DreamWorks indicates that we'll see a Cowboys & Aliens trailer by Christmas.




Screen Rant has a nice rundown of the details revealed about Green Lantern: The Animated Series at this past weekend's New York Comic Con.

Among the interesting details revealed are the fact that the Red Lanterns Corps are the antagonists for the first season, Atrocitus leads the Red Lanterns, Dex-Starr may make an appearance and there will likely be a Blackest Night storyline on the show.

Click through for Screen Rant's complete report as well as images taken from the panel.

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OSHA Clears TRANSFORMERS 3 Producers in Accident, Lawyer Responds

In the latest chapter of the unfortunate drama surrounding the injury to Gabriela Cedillo on the set of Transformers 3, the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration has rendered their judgment of the situation.

On September 1 Cedillo, who was on the set as an extra, was struck by a piece of flying metal when a cable snapped during filming. The debris sliced open her skull causing sever brain damage that has left her paralyzed and unable to speak. Her brother (and now guardian) has filed a lawsuit against the producers on her behalf.

According to the Associated Press, OSHA spokesman Marc Lotter says an investigation found the Sept. 1 accident occurred due to the failure of a weld connecting a car to a tow cable. He says the weld was made by a certified welder and all necessary safety precautions were in place.

Lotter says the mishap was "an unfortunate and unforeseeable accident."

However, Todd A. Smith, the attorney representing Cedillo issued a press release in rebuttal to the OSHA statement. Smith of the Power, Rogers & Smith P.C. law firm, scoffed at characterizations that Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks had been "cleared."

"What needed to be 'cleared'?" Smith said. "Under OSHA's own terms, it simply did not have a specific regulation that could be cited as a violation. The only function they serve in this process is to assess if specific regulations have been violated.  Statements beyond that by any spokesperson were termed by OSHA themselves as over the line'."

According to the press statement, Smith further determined that OSHA did not even have a metallurgist or engineer of any sort look at the correctness of the welding involved. 

"The idea that the local spokesperson would suggest the work was done properly without any expert having actually looked at the welds involved is absurd and wrong. The fact is, the welds were completely improper based upon actual examination by engineers and metallurgist experts," said Smith.  "Further, when improper welds occur, and are related to a violent yanking of a cable, it is clearly 'foreseeable' that there will be a breaking-loose as happened here, and people nearby are likely to be injured."

"The idea that OSHA didn't cite a specific regulation that was violated is not surprising," he said. "Particularly so when the welding connections are not assessed by experts."

Clearly, the catastrophe caused to Cedillo, accidental though it may be, will have to be addressed by the filmmakers.



Is Jon Hamm SUPERIOR's Hero?

Mark Millar is trumpeting his own projects again on his message board.  According to his latest hype, two Hollywood types are ringing his phone about his just launched comics series Superior.

One of the parties is an unnamed movie director how Millar is a fan of and claims is "in his comfort zone." The other is a producer but has done quite a bit of big family movies and has a director in mind. Neither is apparently known for superhero fare. Millar's agent is said to have two other parties in orbit around the project as well.

Our understanding of Superior is that it represents a kinder, gentler Millar who calls the book his love letter to Christopher Reeve. The nostalgia-tinged story focuses on a boy who is confined to a wheel chair, and the Superman-esque hero who inspires him.

Interestingly, both of the unnamed folks Millar talked to have the same guy in mind to play the hero: Jon Hamm of Mad Men fame. Now there's a guy that many people want to see play a super hero (like Millar himself, and former Mania EIC Rich Kuras) and he's certainly established himself as a leading man in the classic sense with his TV series. No doubt he could easily pull off the nostalgic, square-jawed hero part.



Is the SPIDER-MAN Villain The Lizard?

Early this week, Sony partially confounded rumor-mongers by announcing that actor Rhys Ifans would play the villain in Marc Webb's Spider-Man relaunch. However, they left one major point of speculation by refusing to reveal exactly what character he'll play.

The rumor today from TheWrap is Ifans will play Dr. Curtis Connors, better known to web-heads as The Lizard. Furthermore, their sources claim that rumors putting Venom in the movie are wrong and that the drooling anti-Spider-Man will not appear.

Connors is portrayed in the comics as a highly-sympathetic, one-armed scientist researching human limb-regeneration. His experimental procedure leaves him transformed into a monstrous creature who Spidey simultaneously has to battle and protect.

Many sites are reporting this news as solid confirmation, but given that no credible on-record sources are named, we have to keep it in the rumor column for now.



Is the SUPERMAN Villain Zod?

Reports from last week that director Zack Snyder is taking the reins of Christopher Nolan's Superman movie came bundled with the rumor that General Zod would be the primary villain of the film.

Now, asked Snyder if Zod is, in fact, the villain. Snyder's response: "For now it's just a rumour."

So, fans who are longing for something new in the Superman movie sphere may have their wishes answered.



Is the BATMAN 3 Villain Tom Hardy? reports that actor Tom Hardy has been cast in the upcoming Batman movie.

Hardy recently appeared in director Christopher Nolan's Inception where he did a fine job as a relatively minor character among Leo's crew of dream invaders. But if you really want to see what Hardy's capable of, rent the riveting Bronson today. He's the lead actor in that, appearing in just about every frame of the movie, and he's amazing.

The report is not specific about the role other than to say it's "a lead role." That pretty much indicates he'll be playing a villain, although it's possible he could play something akin to Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent.

Heat Vision adds a little bit of spice to the story, stating that insiders are saying that Hardy will play The Riddler.

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