By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Friday, October 29, 2010
Source: Various

More of those Captain America pics from EW. Plus: Ghost Rider director address speculation. Walking Dead video. Transformers 3 video and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.10.29!




Nelson Still Hopes to LEAD the HULK

The Playlist chatted up actor/filmmaker Tim Blake Nelson who fans saw play Samuel Sterns in The Incredible Hulk. Of course, the action of that film positioned Stearns to transform into his comic book alter ego, the big brained villain known as The Leader.

Nelson told Playlist that, in spite of the musical chairs casting of Bruce Banner (with Mark Ruffalo replacing Edward Norton in The Avengers) he would still like to take on the role of the full-on gamma villain.

"I certainly very much want to return as the Leader and I hope they’ll have me. The intention was that I would come back, which is why my head starts to, um, bubble, at the end. It’s just a question as to whether a) they’re going to make more Hulk movies, and b) because of Ruffalo, if they’re going to use me again," Nelson said, adding that his contract obliges him to return to the role if necessary.

Marvel could conceivably include The Leader in the Avengers movie. They could also make another Hulk film with Ruffalo and include the villain there. Most recently Marvel has announced their intentions to make a live-action Hulk TV show. So there are plenty of ways Nelson could have his wish.



GHOST RIDER 2 Director Addresses Speculation

So the official twitter feed of Ghost Rider: The Spirit of Vengeance directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor recently carried a vaguely worded message for fans of the film franchise.

"The dual role of [Johnny Blaze]/Zarathos will be a Nic Cage classic"

This lead to rampant speculation that somehow Cage was somehow playing both hero and villain in the movie. Rather than speculate, went directly to Taylor for some expansion and clarification on the comment.

"Zarathos is the spirit of vengeance that inhabits John Blaze when he becomes Ghost Rider," Taylor said, stating what most fans already know. However, he went on to reveal something new.  "Unlike the 1st movie, where the Rider was stiffly acted out by a various stunt guys, Nic will be playing all the Ghost Rider stuff himself – and we are creating a whole physical language for the demon that is different from the human Blaze."

So there you have it. Nicolas Cage will be providing the mo-cap performance for his flaming alter ego in the movie which should prove entertaining.




When fans tune in to the Walking Dead series, which begins on AMC this Sunday night, here are the opening titles they'll see, complete with chilling music by Bear McCreary...




And here's a high-def segment of Entertainment Tonight putting the spotlight on the various locations of Transformers: The Dark of the Moon.




Want more Autobot action? USA Today recently presented this preview of the upcoming Transformers Prime animated show.




Yesterday we got our first good look as Chris Evans' spot-on portrayal of Captain America: The First Avenger courtesy of the cover of the current Entertainment Weekly. Now has gone the extra mile and scanned in the interior photos from the issue. Check 'em out!

Stanley Tucci as Dr. Erskine preps the Super Soldier process in CAPTAIN AMERICA


Hydra agents pursue CAPTAIN AMERICA


Hugo Weaving as Hydra Agent The Red Skull in CAPTAIN AMERICA

Chris Evans in the first CAPTAIN AMERICA costume



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