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By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Tuesday, November 09, 2010
Source: Mania

Walking Dead gets season 2. Plus: Deadpool writer talks origin story. Singer sings Snyder's Superman praises. Old Boy redo moving again? More! It's your Comics2Film 10.11.9!




OLD BOY Script Nearing Completion

Anyone who enjoys Asian cinema is well acquainted with Chan-wook Park's adaptation of Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya's manga series Oldboy. And fans of that movie have cringed and squirmed at reports of the planned American remake which at times had Nic Cage or Will Smith attached to star.

Well, get ready to squirm some more. Via twitter, Pajiba reports that Thor screenwriter Mark Protosevich is about to turn in a draft of the script for the movie. The suits at Mandate pictures apparently like what they've seen so far. They're going after the likes of Steven Spielberg (who has been previously attached) and Matthew Vaughan to direct. Danny Boyle is said to be the next contender after those two.



Singer on New SUPERMAN Movie

Director Bryan Singer, who's epic Superman Returns continues to be the subject of debate among fans, spoke about Warner Bros' current plans to jettison the foundation he laid and start fresh on the Man of Steel with a concept by screenwriter David Goyer, producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder.

The Geek Files blog reported on Singer's recent public comments at a film screening.

Singer said that, given four years have passed since Superman Returns was released, he has a different level of comfort with the situation than he might have had at an earlier date. He also said it's the nature of the business to move between projects.

"So now [a Superman reboot] makes sense. It's a movie I would want to see, I think Zack's so talented and I applaud Warner and Legendary for choosing somebody who's a filmmaker and not necessarily just a shooter," Singer said. "It's Superman, it's gonna be made over and over in one form or another, and I'm sure Zack won't be the last person to touch it either, so in a way it's not in my mind any more. It would have been two and a half years ago."

Work on the new Superman movie is expected to ramp up quickly following the March release of Snyder's current film Sucker Punch.



Screenwriter Talks DEADPOOL Origins

io9.com chats up Rhett Reese, one half of the screenwriting due responsible for Zombieland and an impressive docket of upcoming movies including 20th Century Fox's Deadpool.

Reese told io9 that one of the big challenges of the movie is coming up with an arc for a character who is generally known for fast, substance-free action.

"Ultimately, I think despite how fun he is in the now, we really did want to explore how he became that way and why he became that way, we definitely delve into that," Reese told the website. "He's a warped character, and that's why he's so fun to write. Various writers have tackled him and I think that particular club of people have always enjoyed being able to just go places with a character that you wouldn't be able to go with any other character. Because he's completely crazy. That's the joy of writing him. You don't have to place any limits on decorum, or what might pop into his head, what reference he might make to pop culture. He'll go anywhere and say anything and that's the joy of writing him. So we really enjoy that but we also did enjoy exploring a little bit of his origin."

And Reese has an answer for fans who worry that actor Ryan Reynolds' pretty-boy face will be covered up by a mask or horrific prosthetic makeup the entire movie. "I think there's a good balance in the movie of seeing Wade Wilson pre-Deadpool and seeing his scarred face post-becoming Deadpool and having the mask on — which is how most comic fans envision Deadpool, is with the mask on," Reese said.

Plans are to film the movie early next year, although the project still lacks a director and my have difficulty hitting that launch window. If they do miss it, Deadpool may then face even more delays as it waits for another opening in Reynolds' schedule, or they may have to re-cast the lead role.



WALKING DEAD Breaks Records, Scores Second Season!

It looks as if AMC has a ratings hit on its hands with the TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic The Walking Dead.

The cable net announced on Monday that it's green lit a 13-episode second season of the new series, which debuted on October 31.

The show has gone on to break ratings records and not just on the network. According to their announcement, the show has reached more Adults 18-49 than any other show in the history of cable television.

The series is also being carried to the world stage by Fox International Channels’ (FIC) -- who also is picking up the second season following the show's ratings success in 120 countries in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East.  Those numbers make it the highest-rated original series premiere ever to air on FIC simultaneously worldwide.

"I wish all programming decisions were no-brainers like this one," said Sharon Tal Yguado, SVP Scripted Programming for Fox International Channels. "The Walking Dead is a TV masterpiece on so many levels. We want at least 10 seasons, if not more. Kudos to AMC!"

So there you go, Maniacs. 13 new episodes of The Walking Dead will follow the six episodes commissioned for the first season.

Thanks to Calibur454 and ninjaBam for the submission.



Three SMAVILLE Clips

The CW has released three new clips promoting this Friday's episode of Smallville entitled "Abandoned" which features former Lois Lane Teri Hatcher, and genre TV staple Michael Ironside, playing current Lois Lane Erica Durance's mother and father respectively. Enjoy.

Clip 1: Teri Hatcher Promo


Abandoned Preview


Abandoned Clip



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