By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Tuesday, December 07, 2010
Source: Mania

We last checked in with actor Josh Keaton about about his voice work in the Cartoon Network ratings hit movie Firebreather and his return to the role of Spider-Man in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

We also heard from him about current upcoming projects, including his starring roles in Namco's new Splatterhouse video game as well as next year's Transformers Prime animated series.

First we checked in on a persistent rumor that he's throwing his voice talent behind a certain superhero who is on the rise. We asked him flat out if he'll be voicing Green Lantern in the new new TV series, as has been widely reported on the web.

"I don't know about that. I've been reading that on Internet sites, but Internet sites have also said that I was going to be Bumblebee in Transformers Prime,'s the interwebs," Keaton said but added, "I definitely auditioned for it."

Given that GL is still up in the air, he's understandably much more excited about Splatterhouse game which he describes as, "a really gory video game for people who like that." The game is a throwback to a 1980s era Turbografx 16 game, whose main character owed quite a bit to a certain hockey mask-wearing homicidal maniac from slasher cinema.

Namco has upgraded the character with a new design and an a heavy metal soundtrack featuring music from the likes of Mastadon, Lamb of God and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few.

"I play Rick who gets taken over by a sentient mask and turns into this big, hulking massive guy who likes to rip the limbs off of things and beat them with them," Keaton told us, "So it's gonna be a really, really cool game. Heavy metal soundtrack stars. I wish it would have come out before Halloween because I had a Halloween party and I would have had that up for people to play while they were there."

He also currently stars in the latest animated version of the autobots in the form of Transformers Prime, the new animated series developed by the writers of the first two live-action movies, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. However, Keaton tells us it does not follow the movie continuity.

"I play Jack Darby, a teenager. He stumbles into contact with all of this that's going on. The Autobots are stuck here and there are some humans who bond with them and getting immersed into the fight to save Earth," Keaton said.

Although he tells us Jack is the "ringleader" of the three human characters, the show's focus is elsewhere. "It's definitely more bot-centric a show than the movies were."

He also said fans will be happy to welcome back their favorite Transformers actors.

"Peter Cullen is there as Optimus Prime. Frank Welker is there as Megatron. The boys are back," Keaton exclaimed. In fact, working with Cullen filled him with a sense of awe.

"It was pretty amazing working with them. I was in the first session for Transformers and Peter opened his mouth to say his first line and what came out sounded like it was already processed. It sounded like they'd already put mechanical filters," Keaton said. "I don't know how he does it."

Also on board is Steve Blum who has teamed with Keaton in Marvel vs Capcom 3 (where he returns to his signature role of Wolverine there) and Spectacular Spider-Man (where he played the Green Goblin). In Transformers Prime Blum plays Starscream.

"Starscream has always been such a little bitch and that totally comes across. You hate Starscream but you kind of love the fact that you hate him so much," Keaton said of Blum's performance. "He's out for Starscream and Starscream alone and there's something kind of fascinating to watch about that."

The show previewed in late November on The Hub and returns for a full series run in February 2011. Visit the official site on for more info about Transformers Prime. And check out for the latest on Namco's new Splatterhouse for PS3 and Xbox360.

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