Jackman says WOLVERINE is 'Whole New Ballgame' (Mania.com)

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Source: Various

Jackman says The Wolverine is a "whole new ballgame." Plus: Brat Pack gets a director. Spider-Man's mysterious Van Adder speaks! Green Lantern's missing eggs and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.12.8!




Charlie Sheen to be One of THE WALKING DEAD?

Walking Dead rumor of the day is that Charlie Sheen will shuffle onto the small screen as a Zombie in season two of The Walking Dead. The news was reported by Socyberty.com who confirmed the scoop with Sheen's representatives.

The actor sought the cameo as a fan of the show. He queried his publicist, who also represents Jeffrey DeMunn, who plays Dale in the series. Apparently the producers of the show were enthusiastic about the notion.

Fans will recall that Mania's Robert T. Trate reported back in October that fans should look for celebrity zombies in the show. This was after FX guru Greg Nicotero was overheard telling showrunner Frank Darabont, "Somebody approached me about being a Zombie today and I have to tell you about it."



SPIDER-MAN's Van Adder Speaks!

When fans learned last week that actor Irrfan Khan was on board Marc Webb's now-filming 3D Spider-Man reboot, they muttered a collective "who?" Then when it was revealed that he is playing the villainous "Van Adder" fans let loose with a group "huh?"

Now Kahn is fielding questions about the movie and his role from the Arts Beat Blog at the New York Times. Here's an excerpt:

Q: In Spider-Man you’re playing a character not that many people have heard of. What can you tell us about Van Adder?

A: Is that his name? These science-fiction names don’t mean a lot to me. He’s a character who, I think, was not in the comics or perhaps a minor character. I’ve read some pages, but the whole script hasn’t been made available to me.

Q: How did you get the role?

A: My manager told me that the director Marc Webb was approaching us. I spoke with him, and he sounded very engrossed, and I was interested. I’m expectant and really looking forward to it.

Q: Have you had to do any training in preparation for the part? And what about being in 3-D?

A: You don’t do training for action. You’re waiting for action. You just strap yourself into a harness and go. Two dimensions, three dimensions — Avatar really made a difference in terms of 3-D, but beyond that I haven’t thought about it.

So there you have it. Kahn knows as much about Van Adder as you do!



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MTV Splash Page chatted with screenwriter Marc Guggenheim about the much-anticipated Green Lantern movie.

Guggenheim is a self-professed hider of Easter Eggs in the script, and had written a scene that would have put Clark Kent in the movie in a bit part. Sadly it didn't make it into the final movie for budgetary reasons.

He also revealed another gag, this one written by Michael Green, that didn't make the cut. Green, "had written a bit where when the ring is going over the Earth. We made a little bit more of Abin Sur’s speech about finding someone honest land brave, and the ring speeds right over Washington, D.C. without stopping, which I thought was funny. Every time I read that in a draft, that made me laugh out loud, but we took that out."

He also said that fan-fave rodent with a ring Ch'p does not appear in the film. Apparently director Martin Campbell was adamant that Bzzd be featured prominently instead.

Green Lantern bows June 17th!



Jackman Says THE WOLVERINE is a "Whole New Ballgame"

Actor/producer Hugh Jackman is expecting big things from his latest outing as Marvel's most recognizable mutant in The Wolverine.

In speaking with Inside Movies, the actor said he's been courting director Darren Aronofsky to board the X-Men franchise since the third movie. Now that he's on board, the pair have begun working out his vision for the latest film, which the director has strenuously suggested is not a sequel.

"We had a meeting about three weeks ago, catching up as friends more than anything, and he just ran a few ideas by me and my eyes just lit up," Jackman enthused, "because already I think this is like a whole new ballgame – just the ideas, the level of depth, and intelligence, and creativity. I think he’s been waiting so long to do a movie in this genre. When he found the script, he said this is it. It’s really exciting."

While Jackman is expecting big things from the director, that sentiment apparently goes both ways. Aronofsky wants the actor to bulk up to an unprecedented muscle mass  -- some 25 lbs over previous appearances -- for the new movie. Jackman says that's more than he's ever carried playing Wolverine. He needed a consult with someone who knows how to train.

"I had a chat with Dwayne Johnson, who did 25 pounds for his movie [Faster]," Jackman told Inside Movies. "I rang him up and was like, Okay, tell me what’s going on."

The actor revealed he's looking to gain a pound of muscle each week by consuming 6,000 calories and pumping a whole lot of iron.

The Wolverine isn't due out until 2012.



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