Princess Jellyfish Episode #08 (

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Thursday, December 09, 2010
Release Date: Thursday, December 09, 2010

The hottest ticket in town is baby Clara stuffies. Is anyone truly surprised?

What They Say:
Kuranosuke's scheme to get rich selling old dishes hits a snag when the flea market customers decide they only have eyes for Tsukimi's jellyfish dolls! Can the sisterhood keep up with the demand for more baby Claras?

The Review:
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Princess Jellyfish has worked a rather standard storyline at the core with urban renewal and the 'dastardly plans' by the developer to force people out so they can get the property and build a massive hotel that will rake in the big yen for all involved. Except, of course, the people living there right now. Kuranosuke is intent on making sure this doesn't happen as he has a real affection for the women there and wants to help them. Unfortunately, he's not exactly the best at coming up with ways to raise money to buy the complex from the current owner in an effort to stave off the sale itself.

While the plan is to sell of things at the flea market that they have with old plates and cups that are just taking up space, the real attraction is the Clara themed rain warder doll that Tsukimi has made. Of course, there's a whole host of issues in the idea that they can raise any amount of serious money by selling things at a flea market but nobody seems to really think about that at the first. In fact, Kuranosuke's so keen on selling more of the Clara dolls that he'll even pay the women at the apartment 50,000 yen to bring him the fabric and sewing machine so they can make more on demand. Throwing money in that direction instead of putting it towards the actual building purchase is headshake inducing. Then again, 50,000 isn't a whole lot to begin with when talking about purchasing a building.

Princess Jellyfish has some amusing things going on at this point that keeps it a whole lot of fun. Shu is still coping with the blackmail campaign that Inari is using against him and he just can't figure out how to get her to stop. He's just so exasperated by it that it's refreshing to see that kind of reaction rather than going big with emotion and coming up with outlandish ways to stop it. The other thing that really interests me is that Tsukimi is spending more and more time wearing her pretty clothes, having her hair up and wearing the glasses at the same time that really makes her such a striking looking woman. While she wouldn't be caught dead dressing this way before, Kuranosuke's influence is growing and she's becoming more comfortable with it day by day. The others aren't though and they continue on as they always have, but even they are starting to be slightly more sociable, which is a huge step forward for them.

In Summary:
The relaxed nature of Princess Jellyfish is one of its biggest assets. When it does go outlandish, usually with Tsukimi, she's completely adorable. From banging her head against the sink, hard, to the excitement over seeing the jellyfish dolls made and coming up with a whole family of them, she's simply captivating to watch. Shu's time with Inari is just as much fun to watch since he so decidedly doesn't want to get drawn into her web but finds himself having to deal with it on some level. There's such a level of charm to this show with its characters and the very subtle but pleasing music score that I can't help but to feel relaxed yet completely engaged with the show. It's charming me week after week, making me smile quite a lot.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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