FULL MOON FEVER Gets Director (Mania.com)

By:Rob M. Worley
Date: Monday, December 13, 2010
Source: Various

Gerard and Casey's Full Moon Fever gets a director. Plus: Cool X-Men photos online. Walking Dead gets more accolades. Green Hornet gets a new poster and more. It's your Comics2Film 10.12.13!




C2F Quick Hits

 Edmund Woodward's design for the DREDD helment

GREEN HORNET poster for Spanish-speaking markets




New X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Photos Online

We've seen some X-Men: First Class photos online in recent months, but most have been fairly boring images of James McAvoy and co-stars walking around near Oxford. On the weekend, Comic Book Movie posted a number of cool photos from a set being built on Jekyll Island in Georgia. Revealed there are what looks to be an image of the Blackbird jet crashed on an island.

Here's one image, but click through for the rest.

 Set photo from X-MEN FIRST CLASS


FULL MOON FEVER Gets a Director

About a year back, Comics2Film at Mania reported that the graphic novel Full Moon Fever is in development as a feature film with producer Stephen L'Heureux's Solipsist Films. The 2005 comic, written by Caleb Gerard and Joe Casey involves a "space plumber" who runs into some nasty critters on a lunar outpost.

We recently checked in with L'Heureux about the project. The producer tells that the film now has a director attached.

Simon Hunter is set to direct the movie, which presently has a script written by Casey. Hunter is best known to genre fans for his 2008 film Mutant Chronicles which starred Thomas Jane and Ron Perelman.

Full Moon Fever, published by AiT/PlanetLar, finds a lunar waste disposal technician (read "space plumber") Zeke Kirby visiting Intercorp's lunar sci-station to unclog their zero-G pipes. However, when he arrives on the station he finds something has gone terribly, terribly wrong. It's not spoiling anything to tell you that there are werewolves involved.

Hunter is currently at work on Safe House which stars Lena Headey, Michael Ironside. Cameras are set to roll on that movie early 2011, so development of Full Moon Fever likely will be slow until later next year. 



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