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Date: Tuesday, December 14, 2010
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3 New Green Lantern images online. Plus: Black Panther comes to DVD. Smallville previews January return. Timm talks Green Lantern animation and more! It's your Comics2Film 10.12.14!




Timm Talks GREEN LANTERN Animated Spin-Offs

With Green Lantern blasting into theaters next summer, DC is poised to bring not one, but two related animated projects to market around the same time. MTV Splash Page talked with producer Bruce Timm about the new Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the feature-length DVD Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.

"[The animated series] doesn't follow the direct continuity of the [live-action] movie or [2009's Green Lantern: First Flight] or anything that we've done before, but it doesn't contradict them either," Timm told MTV News. "They're all pretty consistent in terms of Hal Jordan being the Green Lantern and so forth, so hopefully by the time our show comes on, people will have seen the Green Lantern movie — several times, hopefully — and they'll know the backstory, so we can go off from there."

Timm said the over-arching story for the first season of the series will involve the rage-aholic Red Lanterns but will avoid veering into the Blackest Night storyline, which recently wowed fans in the comics. The show will also be set primarily in space, so there'll be fewer crossovers with other DC character initially.

"It's a science-fiction show, so this means Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, they're not showing up," he said. "It's all about the Green Lantern Corps."

The Emerald Knights movie, on the other hand, is shaping up to be an anthology (a la Batman: Gotham Knight). It'll contain six stories focusing on individual members of the corp that all play into an overall arc. That should release in June of 2011, just after the feature film hits. The series is slated to bow in Fall of next year.




If you like your animated TV series with less animation, Marvel Knights Animation is bringing Black Panther home on DVD.

From a press release...

Marvel Knights Animation delivers all-out action as Reginald Hudlin and John Romita Jr.’s Black Panther is brought to life in his own series for the very first time since his creation in 1966. With guest appearances by the X-Men and Captain America, The Black Panther’s six episodes are filled with exhilarating action, dazzling visuals and an explosive soundtrack as he leaps from the comic book pages into homes everywhere. On January 18, 2011, Shout! Factory, in association with Marvel Knights Animation, will debut the long-awaited Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther on DVD. Inspired by the popular graphic novel from acclaimed filmmaker/writer/producer Reginald Hudlin and legendary comic book artist John Romita Jr.

Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther features an all-star voice cast including Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamond) as Black Panther; music artist and actress Jill Scott as Storm; Kerry Washington (For Colored Girls) as Princess Shuri; Alfre Woodard (True Blood) as both Dondi Reese and Queen Mother; Carl Lumbly (Alias) as Uncle S’Yan; and the legendary Stan Lee as General Wallace.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the first and the greatest black Super Hero when they imagined The Black Panther in 1966. He is no ordinary Super Hero; he’s the king of the scientifically advanced country of Wakanda. Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther takes viewers on a thrilling adventure which includes battle scenes, love stories and political intrigue while John Romita, Jr. pens panoramic vistas, brilliant visual design and intense action.

The Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther DVD is packed with extensive bonus content and a graphic rich cover, plus a unique replica of comic book-style plastic sleeve packaging that bridges the comic book to DVD concept. Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther DVD is priced to own at $14.97.

Synopsis: Deep in the heart of Africa lies Wakanda, an advanced and unconquerable civilization. A family of warrior-kings possessing superior speed, strength and agility has governed this mysterious nation as long as time itself. The latest in this famed line is young King T’Challa, the great hero known worldwide as the Black Panther.

Now, outsiders once again threaten to invade and plunder Wakanda. Leading this brutal assault is Klaw, a deadly assassin with the blood of T’Challa’s murdered father on his hands, who brings with him a strong army of super-powered mercenaries. Even with Wakanda’s might and his own superhuman skills, can the Black Panther prevail against this deadly invading force?

Marvel Knights Animation: Black Panther is executive produced and written by Reginald Hudlin, and Co-Executive produced by Stan Lee.

Extensive DVD Special Features



C2F Quick Hits



SMALLVILLE January Preview

Here's The CW's tease for the second leg of the final season of Smallville...




New GREEN LANTERN Movie Images

Warner Bros. has released three new stills from Green Lantern, posted first on









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