Marvel Comics Death Lottery: Fantastic Four (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Monday, December 27, 2010

The mainstream media is starting to pick up some on recent news that next month's issue of Fantastic Four, #587 to be exact, will be a game changer for the book with word that one of the members will die. Marvel has been making news as of late with this title by talking about how they will not be overprinting this book (in an effort to drive sales and then create a scarcity and demand for more, which will have retailers overordering and sitting on too many books or underordering and leaving that particular store with angry casual consumers driven by the media hype) and are adding tot hat with a new AP report out about it over the Christmas break.

Naturally, who will die is being kept pretty close to the chest (or, as the report says, protected with more might than the Incredible Hulk or Sentry, which pretty much turns it into a press release as we're sure AP isn't aware of who Sentry is) and executive editor Tom Brevoort is talking it up plenty about the importance of it all and how they've been building towards this for quite some time.

"I think we've given plenty of hints as to who may die — perhaps too many, in that every one of our lead characters is left in a dire, life-threatening situation the month before," Brevoort told The Associated Press. "So, hopefully, that will help to heighten the suspense, while preserving the surprise as to which member doesn't make it out alive."

Adding to that is Marvel's SVP of sales, David Gabriel, with, "The surprises in this issues — and what comes next — constitute one of the biggest events in Marvel history." 

There's a lot of talk about how this will be kept and there will be no Fantastic Four team itself after this while noting that the team has gone through many changes and false deaths over the years as well as many replacements (our favorite continues to be She Hulk's time on the team).

"We've been building to this story and this moment since Jonathan began writing the series around a year and a half ago," Brevoort said. "It's a story that will have a transformative effect on these characters — virtually nothing will be the same after the events of this story. And that was the reason to go this route — to bring about these seismic changes to the characters and to the series."

Long time Fantastic Four readers will have heard much of these kinds of statements over the years and with Marvel angling for more Fantastic Four features, licensing and other merchandising efforts out there for a fairly notable brand, it's hard to imagine that the legend that Jack Kirby built will truly stay as the Fantastic Three. Do you agree? Vote in our poll here to let us know who you think will (or should be) offed!

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