Anime Network Adds More Free Content (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Monday, January 03, 2011

The Anime Network has decided to kick off the new year by shifting some of their premium titles down to registered user status which means these are now series that you can watch without having to be a paying member for. There's a decent amount of content add here from the back catalog that's very much worth checking out. The original Area 88 OVA series is a true classic that deals with 70's character designs in a way that's come back for a number of shows and Dokkoida?! is a solid comedy that needs to be seen. Of particular interest to fans is that the GetBackers series is here which is pretty lengthy and certainly one of the better action shows involving some very pretty men. Anime Network's serving up of new content for users in free form is definitely a welcome way to kick off the year and to check out some titles that are harder to find these days and are out of print. 

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Series: Legend of Crystania, Get Backers, Area 88, Dokkoida!?