The Clone Wars: Nightsisters (

By:Rob Vaux
Review Date: Friday, January 07, 2011

 Whenever The Clone Wars gets too bogged down in politics and verbal banter (never Star Wars' strong suit), we can always count on the rogues’ gallery to save us. Toss a red lightsaber into the mix, and suddenly the show gets a whole lot cooler. Cartoon Network has a doozy of a three-part story to begin the second half of its season. Palpatine commands Count Dooku to kill his favorite assassin Ventress. She survives the effort and vows revenge, using the mysterious Nightsisters of Dathomir to help her. Not only does the episode deliver a great new group in the Nightsisters, but it lets us see flashes of Ventress’s past, developing her character without detracting from her overall menace. A certain clunkiness in the lightsaber duels (which lets Anakin and Obi Wan in on the action) are all that stand between “Nightsisters” and perfection. Nice to see The Clone Wars back!


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Mania Grade: A-
Episode: Nightsisters
Starring the Voices of: Nika Futterman, Corey Burton, Ian Abercrombie, Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, and R2-D2 as himself
Written by: Katie Lucas
Directed by: Giancarlo Volpe
Network: Cartoon Network
Series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars