Viz Media Promotes Cross Game Manga And Anime Releases (

By:Chris Beveridge
Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Viz Media has brought out the second omnibus volume of Cross Game today and is promoting it since it's a marquee title that they want to get out there more, and one of the few overall that they're doing in omnibus form. This bundling of volumes brings out two volumes, four and five, unlike the first which had the first three volumes in one collection. The pricing is definitely good as it has a retail price of $15 whereas two single volumes would have been closer to $20 and you don't have quite as long to wait overall. Curiously, the press release talks about releasing two new episodes of the anime, thirty nine and forty, for streaming via its website. 

"On the anime side, to celebrate the CROSS GAME Vol. 2 manga release, two new episodes (episodes 39 and 40) will be available to stream – for free – beginning the week of January 10th on, the company’s premiere website for anime content."

Episode 39 was available as of the 3rd and episode 40 came up like normal. All episodes of the series have been free to viewers since the start, making the wording of this portion just a little bit unusual.

To view FREE streaming CROSS GAME anime episodes, go to as well as checking out our reviews of it episode by episode here.

Plot Summary: CROSS GAME is a moving drama that is heartfelt and true, yet in the brilliant hands of creator Mitsuru Adachi, the story delightfully flows with a light and amusing touch. The series centers around a boy named Ko, the family of four sisters who live down the street, and the game of baseball. This poignant coming-of-age story will change readers’ perception of what shonen manga, can be.
One of the biggest names in the manga industry today, Mitsuru Adachi made his debut in 1970 with Kieta Bakuon in the pages of Deluxe Shonen Sunday. The creator of numerous mega-hits such as Touch, Miyuki, and Cross Game, Adachi-sensei received the Shogakukan Manga Award for all three of the aforementioned series. His cumulative works have seen over 200 million copies sold, and many of his series have been adapted into anime, live-action TV series and film. A master of his medium, Adachi has come to be known for his genius handling of dramatic elements combined with romance, comedy and sports.

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