Vampire Knight Guilty Episode #05 (

By:Chris Beveridge
Review Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2011
Release Date: Sunday, November 02, 2008

The school looks very different to Yuki now as she sees blood everywhere...

What They Say:
Yuki is continually haunted by visions of blood. Nevertheless, she is determined to find out about her past from Kaname, but he repeatedly evades her question. Zero sees Yuki looking troubled and goes to the Moon Dormitory by himself.

The Review:
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The visions that Yuki's having are certainly getting to her, which is made worse by the overall atmosphere of the school, as she sees blood everywhere she goes and hears that haunting voice in her mind. It's easy to see her going down the path of insanity here as everything feels like it's conspiring against her. When she lashes out at Kaname, he's able to block it easily enough and does his best to try and calm her down. It's a curious sequence of events since Yuki obviously could see there's more going on with Kaname there, but it so wrapped up in her own issues that she misses part of it. Then again, with Kaname being in her dreams of the past, being off balance around him isn't too much of a surprise.

Zero has quite the scene here as well after he makes a mistake in a confrontation and finds himself losing quite bit of blood, forcing him to take sustenance from a place he would least like to since there's a whole lot of control issues coming from there. Zero's presence at the academy continues to be in the vein of being tolerated because of what he can offer to Yuki, but the sense that it's all hanging by a thread is very apparent here and fun to watch. The show manages to play with blood fairly well but avoids making it truly gratuitous or overdone. It's surprisingly restrained still as Zero gets his throat slashed and has to drink blood yet never becomes overly intense. Part of that is the nature of the show with its shoujo origins to be sure, where it's more about the mood than anything else.

The arrival of Zero's brother is an interesting twist in events as he makes his way to the school and Zero makes note of the fact that they're called the Cursed Twins. Ichiru looks very much like his brother except there's a stronger air of aristocracy about him and a more malevolent feeling where it's not exactly being contained but rather just waiting for the right opportunity to be exercised. This new arrival throws additional confusion Yuki's way and just makes the whole situation more complicated. With her visions and the way both of the twin brothers are acting towards here, nothing seems like it's normal for Yuki to be feeling out of sorts with events that are going on around her. Everything is shifting and moving and nothing seems right, especially with so many pretty men paying attention to her combined with the bloody visions she has.

In Summary:
Vampire Knight spends most of its time here just nudging events along rather than introducing anything truly significant. The way Yuki is viewing things and how it's affecting her mindset is the main thrust of events with her, especially as she wants to know more of why she's dreaming the way she is. The other men of the show are making their own small power plays against each other in the Night Class as grudges can go back quite some ways for their kind. The manipulations going on here aren't subtle but they're not exactly highly overt either. Much of what this is though is just the gentle nudging of the story, more of placement rather than dramatics, giving it a very calm if overdrawn feeling more than anything else.

Japanese 2.0 Language, English Subtitles

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