Bakuman Vol. #03 (

By:Sakura Eries
Review Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Release Date: Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Moritaka and Akito’s rival is their fan?!

Creative Staff
Writer/Artist: Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata

What They Say
After losing to manga genius Eiji Nizuma, Moritaka and Akito make it their mission to beat this rival - even going so far as to ignore their editor's wishes! But will this decision ultimately help or harm their cause?

The Review!
In Volume 2, Moritaka and Akito declare genius artist Eiji their rival, despite never having met him. Well, in Volume 3, Fate brings the three teenagers together in the Jump editorial office, and to everyone's astonishment, Eiji has high praise for Moritaka and Akito's manga!

In the previous volumes, Eiji came off as a snobbish brat, but as he interacts with Moritaka and other artists in Volume 3, it becomes clear that while he is proud of his skills, he also appreciates the work of rivals and is not above praising them or asking their advice. He's aiming to be number one, certainly, but isn't the sort to put down another's work to make his look better. Definitely a worthy, if eccentric, rival.

As for Moritaka and Akito, the dynamics of their relationship reverse. Before, Moritaka felt that he was holding Akito back, but as Moritaka's artwork improves to the point that editors want him to illustrate other writers' stories, Akito's the one feeling like he's holding his partner back. Added to that their different views on how they should prioritize their romantic relationships, and their partnership looks like it's heading towards a blowup in the next volume.

In summary:
In an unexpected encounter, Moritaka and Akito discover that Eiji is actually a fan of theirs! Still, this is no comfort to the boys, who are struggling to come up with an idea for a mainstream series, and Moritaka winds up working in Eiji’s studio in his search for inspiration! This is not your typical shonen rivalry, and I’m looking forward to what Ohba and Obata have lined up next!

Mania Grade: A
Art Rating: A
Packaging Rating: B+
Text/Translation Rating: B+
Age Rating: 13 and Up
Released By: Viz Media
MSRP: 9.99
Pages: 200
ISBN: 9781421535159
Size: B6
Orientation: Right to Left