Young Justice: Independence Day, Part 2 (

By:Rob Vaux
Review Date: Friday, January 14, 2011

Young Justice finishes its inaugural episode in fine style, as its young protagonists face down the dangers of Cadmus and prove that they’re worthy of the title of hero. The show overcomes a number of obvious pitfalls in the midst of its slick action package; for instance, it gives the cloned Superboy his own personality, rather than making him just a teenage version of Superman. The awkwardness between the team members and their older mentors continues to bear strong dramatic fruit, as well as giving these new Teen Titans a hook that earlier incarnations lacked (they’re operating as the stealth branch of the Justice League).  Only the arbitrary introduction of Miss Martian at the end feels off: they could have either saved her for another episode or given her a bigger hand in the action. That’s a minor quibble, however, as this new animated series sets a very high opening bar.


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Mania Grade: B+
TV Series: Young Justice
Episode: Independence Day, Part 2
Starring the Voices of: Jesse McCartney, Jason Spisak, Khary Payton, Danica McKellar, Stephanie Lemelin, Bruce Greenwood, Phil LaMarr and Alan Tudyk
Written by: Greg Weisman
Directed by: Sam Liu
Network: Cartoon Network